During my couple of years as a blogger, I have made a valiant attempt to continually improve my photography. That doesn’t always work out, and I am constantly learning, but I thought it would be a lovely idea to show others where I have picked up ideas from.

Now, while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with following a tutorial step-by-step, I encourage you to find your own style, your own happy place.

Click on the name to be transported to the tutorial pages. It’s worth noting that some of the kind people who have provided tutorials also vlog, and therefore there might be a little weeding out of the information you’re looking for, however, along the way you might also find someone new to follow!

Tutorials & overviews of various products, mesh bodies and body parts.

Photo setups and speed edits, sl basics tutorials, as well as coverage of current events and locations.

Live stream photo edits, with many viewer questions answered via stream chat.

Live photo edits and speed edits of personal and client profile photos.

Photo speed edits & SL tips, channel also hosts a collection of rl live music videos.

Tutorials covering in world lighting tips, photoshop editing techniques and some sl product overviews.

Extensive phototools tutorials, along with a collection of in world machinima.

Tutorials for Black Dragon, windlights and Photoshop techniques, along with urban and promo machinima.

Product tutorials and overviews, Blogging & photography tips, in world exploration & Sansar overviews.

Tips & Tutorials on setting up, running & growing a successful blog.

I’m sure I’ve missed a few well known people, and of course, some lesser known people. Please feel free to drop a link via the form here, or contact me in world (LollipopLace Resident). I’ll be certain to attempt to keep this page updated!