Hi, have some things. There’s a lot of things, so buckle up and take notes!   The Palette Yuki skin was available for a previous kawaii sundays, and is now at full price in the mainstore. You might notice that there’s only 4 tones, and those 4 tones can be seen above. Palette owner Pastel […]


Hello! I’m feeling all the beachy vibes today. Have you been to Anthem? Go! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies! xoxo


Hai! I’ve been a bit slack on the ol’ blog posts lately, and I do hope you don’t mind… but tough! Sometimes, there’s just other things to do! Palette has released the gorgeous Emma Skin at the WIP Event and she is everything! She’s available in four tones, Milk, Porcelain, Sunkissed and Golden and she […]

Willing to learn.

George Floyd passed away on the 25th May 2020. I’m not American. I’m not black. For the last week my heart has hurt regardless. I don’t feel educated enough to discuss much of what’s going on, or why. I don’t understand how it feels to be black, let alone black in America. I have no […]

Fields of strawberries.

For anyone who’s interested, the silicone stuff for my window appeared so i’ve commenced sanding the frame. I’m pretty sure while I was doing it, the man across the street who plays his music too loud was staring at me from his window. Not sure if my sanding noises annoyed him, but maybe if he […]


Hey! I have a bunch of things to show you. Are you ready? I mean, there’s a lot..! So today I’m wearing the Glam Affair Cindy Skin with my Lelutka Erin. Cindy was actually released to celebrate the newest female Lelutka head, Lake, but sometimes it’s fun to switch things up a bit, and I […]

Lady Raven.

I squealed out loud when I saw this Miss Chelsea dress! Look at it. LOOK AT IT! What doesn’t translate well over my photo is the gorgeously detailed fabric, it’s almost imprinted with the fancy! You can also switch the arms on and off so you have a strapless dress without the foof, but personally […]

Open book.

I think there might have been an explosion of awesome in my inventory! These beautiful “Fennec Friends” are from the beautiful mind of Hextraordinary. They come in companions, and wanderer versions – PLUS! a cute lil log fennec that runs up and along the discarded tree-trunk and hides in the hollowness, a sleepy fennec that […]

I can.

2020 has so far been pretty mixed bag for me, and I’m planning on focusing on good energy for the rest of ever (is that a thing? It is now). Today I finally finished my bathroom off, which again seems like something tiny… but I’ve been here for nearly a decade and planned all this […]

Take my hand.

It’s time for me to gush again about Hayyz, mostly because I can’t say it to her face very often or I get all emotional and start being a giant cry baby. She’s still going through a tough time, but at 1.30am on friday night when I’d just walked in from thinking my house was […]