On the go.

Hi! I’m sleepy and cold, because my boiler is broken. Waiting for my landlord to contact me seems to be taking an eternity and my fingertips are turning blue! For that reason, have a pretty picture and some credits, and wish me luck in surviving the Baltic UK night. 😛


I think I deleted my motorbikes in The Great Purge of 2019, which is slightly annoying considering how much they cost… so I went to Sau and played a gacha, and got super excited when I won one for 75L – only to find out that it’s covered in christmas paper. I snorted a bit, […]


Hi! Did I mention Anthem is open? It totally is! Run over and pick up some of the awesome goodies on offer… and when you’re done there take a trip to Essences and grab this gorgeous catwa skin! Want some tones? Okay! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it!

Take my hand.

It’s time for me to gush again about Hayyz, mostly because I can’t say it to her face very often or I get all emotional and start being a giant cry baby. She’s still going through a tough time, but at 1.30am on friday night when I’d just walked in from thinking my house was […]


I was trying to channel a creepy Melanie Martinez but I didn’t quite get the quirk factor right. Regardless, super in love with this babydoll dress from Narcisse! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You deserve it! xoxo

Space babe.

I’m some kind of spacebabe today, and the premise was that there’s a technical issue and Pickle was attempting to fix it. I mean, who am I kidding, she’s blatantly not got a clue so just batting her lashes at the nearest space ship expert while looking super hot. Anywayyy, it’s all thanks to this […]

#FreebieFriday 008

Hi! I have some things. Some things are free. Some things are group gifts and some things are cheap, but all things are indeed, things. Let’s start with the skin I’m wearing. I recently stumbled upon a store called Leronso while looking for Akeruka appliers, the one I’m wearing currently is for Catwa, and it […]


I’ve borrowed Eddie for today’s post. Eddie is fairly new to photography, but he’s really beginning to make a splash with some of his pictures. You can find his work on flickr >Here< We’re returning to Anthem for a minute and showcasing Merak’s beautiful “Maria’s Collectibles”. It comes with the summery cupboard and some amazingly […]

Hanging out.

Hey Spoonies! This one’s gonna be filled with information, so be prepared to be flooded with new newness from the SL-verse! First of all, i’m not sure if you’ve noticed but summer is well on it’s way. In the UK the last week or so has been HOT (for us, which is probably just comfortable […]