I love you.

Ohai, and Happy Valentines Day. I don’t want to remember any of the times I wasn’t single for the big V-Day, and I’ve decided that I’m going to tell all the people in my life how much I love them regardless of how awkward it is. Why? Because there’s too much fucking hate, and just […]

New tomorrow

Hi hello! A friendly reminder that you can choose to change things any damn day you want, and just because you haven’t managed to start your diet, do more exercise or any other resolution you may have made, doesn’t make it null and void! There’s a whole new day tomorrow and that’s just as good […]

Messed up.

Hay! Seeing as how I’ve royally messed up my sleep schedule lately, I’m currently on hour 28 of being awake. It’s a fun time in my house! While I try and right myself, check out some cute items from Gaia & Veechi. Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.


Hi, I’m cute. “Real eyes realize real lies.” I had that in my profile for a while. I can sniff out a liar at 40 paces, but I’ll still want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Silly me. Credits below! xoxo.

Show me your heart.

More Anthem? Well, if you insist! I was talking to my friend today about how I like to look for the good in people and how that entails looking into their hearts and actually searching for it in some cases. What I WANT is people to openly show me their heart. What I get (in […]

Pretty kitty.

There’s a bunch of information today, you ready? Heaux has come out with this gorgeous Lelutka skin called Hailey. She has four tones, and comes with add on eyebrows (blonde shown above) and a neck fade – because although there are five faces, there aren’t any body tones to match from this creator – yet, […]


Cachinnate¬† To Laugh Very Very Loudly. I couldn’t think of a title today, so I searched words that I might not know. I didn’t know this one. I like it. I’m going to cachinnate as hard and as often as possible. Have some cute things.   The Jisoo Shadow from Veechi is available at this […]


Hey! I have a bunch of things to show you. Are you ready? I mean, there’s a lot..! So today I’m wearing the Glam Affair Cindy Skin with my Lelutka Erin. Cindy was actually released to celebrate the newest female Lelutka head, Lake, but sometimes it’s fun to switch things up a bit, and I […]


I might be getting to grips with these headshot things a little more than I ever have before! Anthem has flung open it’s doors and brings with it a ton of beautiful new shiny things for your wallets to groan at! Want some credits? Check below! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. xoxo