Ohai there. Check out some pretties in the credits below. Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.

Gay Day.

Hi! I hope you have a super gay day. Go Pride! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it xoxo.


Oh hi! I’m feeling like the cutest bean in this lovely new head from Akeruka, the gorgeous Veechi makeup at the Fifty, and some awesome finds at Blanc! Check out below for all the details. Something you can’t see without a lil close up, is the subtle sparkling cheek highlight made by Kreep. Check it […]


Oh hai sweet Spoonies! This skin!!! That’s all. The Wendy Skin from Mila is available at this round of Tres Chic, she’s available in the 7 tones shown above and has brows in both dark and light, and a no brow option. Also available at Tres Chic are these stunning Wendy Eyes. I’ve only shown […]


ohai there. I’ve succumbed to the theory that i’m maybe not doing as well as I portray a lot of the time, and that’s okay, I think. Might be serious hibernation time for this little Pickle. Lotus’s new set Replay has a bunch of gorgeous colours : I have a bunch of cute things for […]


Ohai there sweet Spoonies! When I initially took Lelutka’s PRIM head out of her box and adorned it upon my avatar, I immediately thought of Pixie’s, Fairies and other adorable mystical creatures. She felt like a roleplay head to me although I have no doubt that she could be used in a more every day […]


Heller! I have some lovely items from Blanc and also some eyeballs from Veechi, I have a few pictures so take a gander and see what you think! I really enjoy this Tattoo! It might become a new favourite in my rotation. It’s by -Inkjection- and called Elora, currently available at Blanc! The Bikini you […]

Lilacs and lavenders.

The UK is experiencing weirdly warm spring weather. It’s not super warm (we’re still going to complain about warmer than mediocre, we are after all, British), but my hayfever has definitely been activated and this field of lavender is making me feel sneezy just looking at it! Haha. The adorable ROSIE set from Ascendant is […]


Today’s Pro Pickle Tip is that I love Yellow. Sunflowers, Yellow, WARMTH, it fills my heart with the happy. Oddly, I didn’t even know I really had a favourite colour until recently, but now when you enter my home you can see traces of it everywhere, and I LOVE that. Make it a beautiful day, […]


“Laura, can’t you give me some time? I got to give myself one more chance To be the man that I know I am” Heard that a few times in my life, lemme tell you!  Seriously though, what a fabulous name for an adorable bodysuit and sleeves set! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re […]