Best intentions.

Some days start out with the best intentions, and then somewhere along the way I get a little distracted. I guess that’s why my posts aren’t coming as frequently as they used to. I used to be able to push a blog post out every day. Now some weeks i’m lucky if there’s three. I […]

Girl party.

Hello! Have lots of information, okay? The Sari-Sari – Tuka Beach Hut is available at Anthem this round, and it’s bringing me all the summer vibes I need! Inside, I’ve used a selection of Moss&Mink items, the Girl Party set is currently at this round of Fameshed. Check all the credits below! Make it a […]

The story.

I’m having trouble finding the energy to blog at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it and I’m not going anywhere. For a long time this has been my safe space, my journal, but lately it’s been becoming more difficult to find the words to express the things I feel in a […]

Lean on me.

Hi, this is Pixie with me today, because I love her and if I could I’d take a picture a day with her – but she’d get fed up and tell me to go away and then we wouldn’t be friends, so I don’t. I’ve been feeling a little bit vulnerable recently, and yesterday Pixie […]

My friend.

I’ve been in SL for almost 12 years. At some point during those very early times (i’m thinking around 2009), I stumbled into a strip club looking for employment. My manager there was this lady. We joked a lot, and she introduced me to some sides of SL that i’d never seen before – in […]


More things? Well yes, more things, just for you! Check out the full body of the Dappa tattoo, and the gorgeous colours for the Veechi eyeshadow below! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You deserve it! xoxo


So I’m a little derp, and we’re going to discus. This isn’t really a mental health monday – but it’s definitely working in tandem with my mental health, as I’ll describe. On Saturday Morning, I decided it’d be a really awesome idea to move my desktop from one room to another. How does this tie […]

Freebie Friday 010

I don’t know if it’s the season change, or the fact that I’m just lazy, but I’m so stinking tired it’s not funny anymore! However, despite my sleepiness, I have traveled far and wide across the grid to pick out some fabulous freebies for my lovely spoonies on this delightful friday afternoon! Starting from the […]


I’m kind of in love with how this picture came out. A lot of the time when I’m doing a thing, I have no idea what I’m doing until it’s done. I’ve learned to just go with it, and sometimes when it’s finished it’s what I envisioned. This is one of those times and I […]


Guinevere made a choice between the brave Knight and the noble King. Can’t relate. Make it a beautiful one, Spoonies! ♥