Ohai there sweet Spoonies! When I initially took Lelutka’s PRIM head out of her box and adorned it upon my avatar, I immediately thought of Pixie’s, Fairies and other adorable mystical creatures. She felt like a roleplay head to me although I have no doubt that she could be used in a more every day […]


Hai thur sweet spoonies! I have some more things from Anthem, a lil entire new face from Akeruka and some goodies from Lotus! The Lotus Illumination eyes were previously at an event, but should now be searchable along with the Influencer eyes at the mainstore. You can find the Lotus ‘Mainfest’ Nails at this round […]


Oh my! Have you seen the goodies on offer at this round of Anthem? Well take a gander at all the things adorning my pixel body right now, because I am in love! There’s also some really fancy poses from Sapa that have several options – I’ve gyazo giffed (really professional, like) a couple of […]


Ohai. I got to take a picture with the very super pretty Bunny Puddles, and this is my version! We’re basically the baddest. To see Bunny’s, and find all her credits check out her flickr >Here<. We’re both wearing the new Aurica Outfit available at this round of Blanc. I also snagged a few more […]

A good day.

I’ve been singing random songs all morning, my groceries just got delivered and things are good. I feel like this photo depicts my actual mood, which is actually pretty grateful. Life is HARD, but sometimes you wake up and it’s just a good day. Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.


OH NOES, who let the Pickle’s multiply?? I couldn’t help myself, okay? This adorable set from Miss Chelsea at this round of Anthem made me do it! I’ve paired both outfits with some amazeballs stuff also from Anthem, which is focusing on some beautiful Boho goodies and I am livinggg. Check out all the credits […]

New York.

I’m feeling super cute in this outfit! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it.


Feeling like a badass today in all my finery from the Anthem Event starting tomorrow! Make sure you’re up bright and early to hammer your way in and pick up these goodies, and loads more! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it! xoxo


I often wonder if people believe I have no friends due to the amount of time I spend alone, let this picture speak for the fact I have some frands ok? Most of the items we’re wearing can be found at this round of Equal10. I didn’t manage to catch Talia (All in white) for […]