Dine in.

Oh hai thur! See that cutie in the back of the diner? That’s my friend Zombie. He recently had a lil mini makeover and he’s now feeling himself, and rightly so! I couldn’t resist pulling him in for a man-dolly moment in the background to help make this scene look more ‘real’. Most of these […]

Wandering in Fall.

I managed to steal the beautiful Bunny for another collab with the stunning outfits available at Equal10 from Cynful. They’re just so cosy, warm and autumnal, i’m in love! You can find Bunny’s version of our photo, along with all her credits >Here<. The cardigan and the bodysuit both have options for how fluffy you […]

The Worst Witch.

Seriously, I am. I can’t cast a spell for shit and the adorable Sphynxie from Culprit is practically rolling it’s eyes at how awful I am. Send help, or Harry Potter – make that Hermione, she knew what she was doing. I had so much fun with this, and I’m thoroughly thrilled with the end […]

The Fleeting Guest

I’m going back in time this Monday and reviving ManPickle! I couldn’t resist when I saw the items available at Anthem, and knowing I could grab the Guy head from lelutka to show you just made it absolutely perfect timing. This week, I have mostly been exploring and meeting new people. It’s been fun, and […]