Comfortable feels.

Today I pulled apart some shelves that have probably been hiding in my home for about 30 years. They were gross and now I am. Also, as a side note I hate raw plugs. The end. Not gonna lie I was a little surprised to become a return blogger for Evani, but they (and the […]

A tease of sunlight.

The Summoning is still going strong with it’s “Stupid Cupid” themed event. It ends 28th feb, so there’s time to pop over and explore all the goodies provided for you! I’ve been really busy lately with some rl stuff that just needs to get sorted, my entire livingroom is currently in a state of disarray […]

Something is missing…

You all know what day tomorrow is. It’s ingrained into your head that it’s supposed to be this romantic day where you celebrate your one true love. Welp, I’ll be spending the day with a person in RL who I’ve known since I was 12. Who to this day stands by me and supports me. […]

Thrown off.

I didn’t sleep well last night and I’m coming to the conclusion that i’m OLD. If I don’t sleep good, it throws off my whole day – and I’ve almost cried twice for no reason (I might also be due for some ladytime, so there’s that too. I love giving you TMI). Anyway, you’re not […]

Seasonal Spirit.

Are you all ready for a creepy christmas event? Krampus is coming, and he’s starting at The Summoning Event which opens on Dec 13th! Okay so this post might not be particularly creepy, but just imagine Pickle smiling sweetly, offering you a delicious krampus biscuit made by her fair hands, only to invite you inside […]

Bloody hell.

I grew up with that term being quite prominent in my household. My mother doesn’t do the regular type of swearing, instead she swears like someone from the 1960’s, “Bloody hell” being something she’ll yell quite regularly as the most coarse of her curses. I think the term sums up how Pickle looks quite well, […]


So I’m a little derp, and we’re going to discus. This isn’t really a mental health monday – but it’s definitely working in tandem with my mental health, as I’ll describe. On Saturday Morning, I decided it’d be a really awesome idea to move my desktop from one room to another. How does this tie […]

Something wicked…

Somehow I managed to squeeze in on The Summoning event as a blogger, so be prepared to have a bunch more spooky stuff showing up here, Spoonies! The Summoning runs from October 24th to November 1st, and the line up is preeeetty epic, so go, run, right into the arms of the unholy creators making […]