Hey there, hello! I feel pretty darn seductive in this ensemble from Glitzz, and highly recommend you run to Fameshed and pick it up. The little heart pasties are perfect for valentines! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.


I’m not too sure what Pickle’s seeing in those runes, but it looks interesting! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo


Don’t ask me why the majority of my male shapes/characters end up looking like they’re in some kind of gang situation, I really don’t get it myself. All I know is that I love me a bad boy with a soft centre, and when I create my avies that’s how I imagine them. Alain for […]

Luka 2.5.

Heylo! I’ve had this little photo gem in my backup folder for quite some time, just before Lelutka dropped their new heads! This is Luka, and he’s been updated to the 2.5 boundless version too. 10/10 would recommend. You can find this shape at my marketplace store – link in credits! Make it a beautiful […]


I often wonder if people believe I have no friends due to the amount of time I spend alone, let this picture speak for the fact I have some frands ok? Most of the items we’re wearing can be found at this round of Equal10. I didn’t manage to catch Talia (All in white) for […]

Queen Zora.

If I were going to be a Queen, I would absolutely want to look like this. My daughter actually wandered into the room while I was creating the photograph for today’s post and asked if I was from Alice in Wonderland, which I LOVE the idea of! Zora is the second of the Lelutka heads […]

New tomorrow

Hi hello! A friendly reminder that you can choose to change things any damn day you want, and just because you haven’t managed to start your diet, do more exercise or any other resolution you may have made, doesn’t make it null and void! There’s a whole new day tomorrow and that’s just as good […]


My new years resolution for my blog this year is to remember my anniversary (IT’S IN OCTOBER, PICKLE!) and do another give away, and to work harder on my portrait lighting for closeups. I’m also gonna try and make some more shapes, so here’s the one I made for Kane that’s currently available at the […]


Hi. I’m in a succubus kinda mood, so I borrowed a boy to hover over. I’m sure you get it. 😛 Palette’s Wilded scars/cuts are pretty awesome, so i made another picture to make sure you see them properly. See how awesome they are? Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You deserve it. xoxo