I feel like ever since the Halloween stuff ended, I’ve been in Monster Mode. I was wondering along the lines of the 7 deadly sins, which colour would the green be, and I think fairly obviously it’d be envy. I don’t like feeling envious, and with jealousy playing a large part in BPD i’ve actively […]


Hellerrrr For some reason, I just can’t concentrate today. Of course, this would be the outfit I forgot to save, so if i forget anything please don’t hurt me. Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo

Moo Moo Milk.

Am I Milky? Am I Pickle? I kinda feel like I’m both, now. As a cow, I think I probably suit Milky much better, and what better way to be my best Milky self, than to thoroughly embrace my inner Moo with the help of Palette’s beautiful new MooMoo set! I cannot count the ways […]