I know, I know… how many heads should one avatar own? Honestly, I think one is probably enough but I’m still gonna rock a million different looks regardless of how many sit in my inventory! That’s the amazing part of Secondlife for me, being able to change my look with a few dollars and a […]

Desperate for a connection.

We’re all desperate for a connection. I’ve been thinking about this a bit since I made the post about struggling to find new friends in SL, and the current state of the entire world just reiterates the fact that we’re all too selfish. All of us. Whether we’re too busy protecting our own feelings to […]


I might be getting to grips with these headshot things a little more than I ever have before! Anthem has flung open it’s doors and brings with it a ton of beautiful new shiny things for your wallets to groan at! Want some credits? Check below! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. xoxo

Enjoy it.

HAY THUR. I’m still a bit loopy from paint fumes, and I feel like I must warn you that it’s only going to get worse, there’s a whole lotta painting to do in that thar living room! I had a delightful chat today with a friend, who I want to smoosh a bunch and I […]


Hi! I don’t have anything witty or exciting to talk about today, because I’ve mostly been masking taping my entire life away in an attempt to decorate the living room. I have a feeling this is going to take me a while! That being said, check out the pretties in my picture, and find some […]

Ain’t a saint.

I still hate raw plugs. I was talking to a friend today who happens to be american and it turns out he had no idea what a raw plug was. “It’s one of them plastic things you shove in a hole you drilled before you screw in the screw.” Yanno, just in case it’s a […]

Who knows!

I can’t help feeling like Pickle looks a little startled if you gaze at this picture from a distance. That’s okay, it’s a new year, so maybe she’s just blinded by the possibilities in her future? Who knows! I’m repping Anthem and Dappa today, the tattoo is available at Access and the eyes, lipstick and […]

Tis the season.

Hayyz and I have been planning this shoot for a hot minute, ever since we saw that Muggleborn had added sizes to their iconic xmas bodysuit, in fact. (The sizes include Hourglass, EbodyCurvy, Kemono Fitted Torso, Solarian, Maitreya, Freya, Isis and Venus) I always jump at the chance to take snaps with Hayley, it’s no […]


Feeling those fall vibes again with a bunch of stuff from Anthem! Check out the credits! xoxo

Bloody hell.

I grew up with that term being quite prominent in my household. My mother doesn’t do the regular type of swearing, instead she swears like someone from the 1960’s, “Bloody hell” being something she’ll yell quite regularly as the most coarse of her curses. I think the term sums up how Pickle looks quite well, […]