Hay! This adorable dress from Osmia is making my heart so happy. What you can’t see is the sweet little slip of rolled down strap over the boob, so it’s just a little bit cheeky! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it.

Forever changed.

I’ve come to the realization that i’m forever going to be accepting apologies I never receive, and that’s pretty tough. I’m not sure why the word “I’m sorry” is so hard to say. You might not understand what’s wrong, but just saying that phrase and meaning it can settle a bundle of issues. “I’m really […]


Cachinnate¬† To Laugh Very Very Loudly. I couldn’t think of a title today, so I searched words that I might not know. I didn’t know this one. I like it. I’m going to cachinnate as hard and as often as possible. Have some cute things.   The Jisoo Shadow from Veechi is available at this […]


I woke up late today which always throws me off. I had plans for more painting, but obviously that didn’t come to fruition, because by the time I felt decent enough to do anything except feel sorry for myself, it was 7pm. The good news is that now I don’t feel as sorry for myself. […]

It’s okay. I’m okay.

But am I? I’ve found myself recently turning into the possessive and insecure type of person that has previously been abusive towards me. I don’t like being this “out of control, don’t you do that or it means this” type of girl, because I’ve always been incredibly open to other people’s lifestyles and needs, but […]

Tis the season.

Hayyz and I have been planning this shoot for a hot minute, ever since we saw that Muggleborn had added sizes to their iconic xmas bodysuit, in fact. (The sizes include Hourglass, EbodyCurvy, Kemono Fitted Torso, Solarian, Maitreya, Freya, Isis and Venus) I always jump at the chance to take snaps with Hayley, it’s no […]


Yep, still sleepy! Man Pickle is making an appearance today, you’re welcome. xoxo


I’m featuring some items from the Enchantment event this round that is themed “King Arthur” and have decided to take it upon myself to depict Guinevere and Lancelot in an embrace, because who doesn’t secretly stan the underdog? I’ve enlisted Durex, mainly because I’m a derp but that’s a WHOLE other story, and he’s wearing […]