Don’t ask me why the majority of my male shapes/characters end up looking like they’re in some kind of gang situation, I really don’t get it myself. All I know is that I love me a bad boy with a soft centre, and when I create my avies that’s how I imagine them. Alain for […]

Seasonal Snuggle.

What better way to waste some time than to grab a seasonal snuggle with someone you actually enjoy? I haven’t put my christmas tree up for around 6 years, and I’m not sure if this year will be any different. It won’t be for the same reason as the other years though, because i’m less […]

Another story.

Hai. Sometime last week I was surprised to receive a notecard with “Blogger invitation to Equal10” as a header. After I’d picked myself up off the ground, I had to check whether it was from official sources or someone was fucking with me, because I’m still -just- a little Pickle (Yes, we’re back to Pickle. […]


Hello, tired me here again, so have some credits & grab the new outfit from Miss Chelsea! xoxo


ohai! I’m totally fantasizing i’m a rockstar, and you’re gonna just go with it okay? Thanks. MORE ANTHEM THINGS! See below. 😛 Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.

Can I take your order?

Hi, Hello, Can I take your order please? I’m not sure which 1950-60’s restaurant had women in thongs serving, but it must have been a thing so here I am. Probably not very progressively feminist, but I love a good thong! Check out my lush outfit from Scandalize! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re […]


It’s so fricken hot I think my boobs might melt off, so have a picture of MilkyPickle relaxing in the sunshine. Don’t worry, she’s got her SPF on. Miss Chelsea have popped out a new outfit for Uber, and although I love the picture it doesn’t show nearly enough of it, so have some more, […]

Who the eff is Alice?

Heller! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything Essences (I’m the worst!). I feel like with the invention of Bloggotex, those stores that don’t have an automatic subscriber or remind me regularly through group notices tend to get left by the wayside. Obviously, I take full responsibility and need to get my ass in […]

On the go.

Hi! I’m sleepy and cold, because my boiler is broken. Waiting for my landlord to contact me seems to be taking an eternity and my fingertips are turning blue! For that reason, have a pretty picture and some credits, and wish me luck in surviving the Baltic UK night. 😛

#FreebieFriday 004

Last time I did #FreebieFriday I explained how difficult it was to find items for males that were quality on a budget. This week, SL has come through for us and I took Durex out on the town to pick up some of the amazing items currently available! Hold on to your hats, Spoonies, because […]