Heller, sweet Spoonies! I somehow got accepted for a new sponsor, Babyboo! Babyboo specializes in poses, and some fancy avatar cosmetics sometimes too, so I’m excited to see what’s to come from this brand! Today’s set is called “Sadie” and they’re available at the newest round of Dubai, and have mirrored versions PLUS realistic breathing […]


Orite! Let’s talk about things that make me have a tantrum. MEN. It is not attractive to be speaking to you for 10 minutes and then have you try to put your hands anywhere on me. I was probably very grateful for the chat, but your hands are not welcome on my body unless I […]

Siri, where’s my dress?

There’s quite a lot going on in my rl at the moment. A lot of organization, finalizing and some extremely emotional things that I’m dealing with. If I’m seeming a little off, or my posts are a bit slow, please bear all of that in mind. That said, it’s all coming together quite nicely, so […]


Ready for another round of Anthem? I sure am! Check out all the details below! xoxo


I was trying to channel a creepy Melanie Martinez but I didn’t quite get the quirk factor right. Regardless, super in love with this babydoll dress from Narcisse! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You deserve it! xoxo

I hate you.

I don’t. Hate you, I mean. This outfit however, is an entire mood. I’ve just come to the conclusion that we’re all shitty people. The idea is to find shitty people that are actively trying not to be shitty, not the ones that yell and scream “This is me and I won’t change!”. Make it […]


I caught on facebook that Lelutka was looking for bloggers late last night, so I scurried over and applied, never expecting to be lucky enough to be chosen – but lo and behold, this little Pickle is a brand new sparkly blogger for the Lelutka brand, and I am squee’ing all over! It’s a pretty […]