A side of fries.

Hi! It’s been a mad couple of days, as usual at the moment – but for a totally different (well, mostly different – my boiler gets fixed tomorrow!) reason that you’re just gonna have to wait on, okay? Okay. I’m showing you some Revoul, some Dappa and some Promagic today, and because of how crazy […]


Feeling those fall vibes again with a bunch of stuff from Anthem! Check out the credits! xoxo

Too cool for school.

How cute do I feel in this outfit, I hear no one cry?! Well, let me tell you I feel adorable! I took a trip to Backdrop City for this one, and for the first time in absolutely ages, there was a low enough population of people there and no griefers, so I snapped a […]


Hi! I have some things from Bueno and Revoul today. Ready? Okay!   The Revoul Heart Femme collection contains Eyes (Mesh, Catwa, Lelutka & Genus), the band aid with a 6 colour hud and eyelashes (Catwa, Lelutka, Genus) and also a face tattoo not shown here in Omega, Catwa, Genus & Lelutka. There are also […]

Without hesitation.

I’ve started reading more lately, and have picked up a couple of my favourite Jodi Picoult books to start with. In one, “Mercy” the character of Mia remembers watching her parents waltzing together while she’s outside, pressing her nose the glass of the window as she reminisces about their all consuming relationship.  To directly quote […]


Kind of completely exhausted at the moment, regular blogging will no doubt resume shortly, but for now have some credits and revoul tones <3   Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You deserve it. xoxo


More Revoul goodies for you gorgeous Spoonies today! You can find the eyes and lashes as part of the “Symbolic Beauty Collection” that also comes with a face paint that is amaze. For whatever reason, I had a total melt down every time I tried to capture the face-paint/makeup, and although I took two or […]

Scream Queen.

Hey Spoonies! It’s been a minute since I’ve done a big ol’ blawg with bunches of pics, so hold on to your pointed witchypoo hat-things, and strap yourself in for a ride. Revoul is out in FORCE for the Kustom9 6th Birthday round, offering two skins (i’m only showing one here, because I like to […]

Burn them all.

I’m in one of those moods where everything just needs to burn. Except maybe puppies and babies. Have a great day, Spoonies! xoxo