Take a nap.

Hey, hello hi! I got some Revoul thingies today, ok? Ok. This is the Heart Dropiana Collection, which as you might recognize is based on some of the hawt instagram looks for winter. I definitely recognize the MannyMua scandal, and also one from James Charles too! There are 6 tattoo’s for your genus head included, […]

Feel like drinking?

There’s been a bottle of wine in my fridge for the last week, and I thought I’d feel like drinking it because tis the season and all, but I just don’t fancy it, so in this picture I imagine Pickle picking up that wine and going to a party with it, as a gift for […]

Gifts galore!

I had a lot of fun with this post, and actually tried to take the picture three or more times – sometimes, that’s a major effort, but in this case each time taught me something new – and isn’t that what practice and repetition is all about? Learning new things? Yes! Ultimately, I’m super pleased […]


More things? Well yes, more things, just for you! Check out the full body of the Dappa tattoo, and the gorgeous colours for the Veechi eyeshadow below! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You deserve it! xoxo

Seasonal Spirit.

Are you all ready for a creepy christmas event? Krampus is coming, and he’s starting at The Summoning Event which opens on Dec 13th! Okay so this post might not be particularly creepy, but just imagine Pickle smiling sweetly, offering you a delicious krampus biscuit made by her fair hands, only to invite you inside […]

Your choice.

Heller! Have all the info today ok? Ok.   Dappa is a busy busy brand right now, and below you can get a better look at the beautiful tattoo i’m sporting in today’s photograph. Aaand, this gorgeous skin from Revoul comes available in 5 tones, with appliers for catwa, lelutka and genus and also bakes […]

It’s okay. I’m okay.

But am I? I’ve found myself recently turning into the possessive and insecure type of person that has previously been abusive towards me. I don’t like being this “out of control, don’t you do that or it means this” type of girl, because I’ve always been incredibly open to other people’s lifestyles and needs, but […]

Give me change.

I have a list of things in a notepad by my desk that I keep meaning to talk about, and as I’m in a mushy mood today (Maybe it’s because the boiler man is actually here and i might be able to have a warm bath tonight, or maybe it’s for some other reason making […]

Getting things straight.

Hey Spoonies! Things are much better than yesterday, thanks for letting me vent, I can’t tell you how much of a positive it is to feel like this blog is my safe space just to write and get things straight in my head. I feel a bit more like myself, which is awesomeeee, and this […]