Random Matter

One chance.

I’ve just decided (again, but more clearly) that second chances are no longer a thing for me in SL. You get one chance. Fuck up

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I’ve gotten quite into conspiracy theories recently, so please excuse me if I run off to watch some documentaries about odd occasions as you check

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Honesty works.

Hey Spoonies. Today I wanna talk about something a bit odd, and that’s Dick Pictures. Yes, big ones, small ones, balls and gooch. Why the

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Reminder of the day : Stop being effected by people who were never concerned with your feelings to begin with. In other news! Osmia is

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Hey, Hi, Hello! I think I mentioned earlier in the week how The Summoning was dragging Krampus kicking and screaming into SL, and with this

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I don’t seem to have a lot to say today, so here’s some tones from Revoul from the gorgeous skin I’m wearing.

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