Soul Sister.

Hai, sappy post incoming. This is something I posted on my FB yesterday, but needs to be said here too. My SL Sister might be the most amazing woman I have ever known. No, we’ve never met, but over… is it 12 years now? I’ve actually lost count… but it’s been a fuckin’ long time, […]


I’ve actually been fully vaccinated since around May, but I’m still seeing people finding excuses not to, and for the life of me (and let’s be fair, the life of my loved ones too) I am unable to understand any real reasoning why a denial to get the vaccine would be a thing. I don’t […]

Dreamy Maid.

Hello, I feel like the cutest maid in Maidtown. You can find all these items at the current round of epiphany – check below for all the details! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.

Wake & Bake.

Ohai there sweet Spoonies. I’ve been awake for like 5 hours and it feels like 45, but this picture is cute so uh, buy all the things I used to make it ok? Ok. Years ago, I used to partake in the weed (I’m telling myself i’m intentionally trying to sound like an old lady, […]

Record store.

Heller! I wasn’t sure if I was gonna pull this picture off (out?) but I’m actually really chuffed with the final product, even if my dog looks like he’s a little bit rabid and has two sets of jaws. Still, I look cute! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.

Hey there, Delilah.

Because we’re all just gaming in our fanciest underwear, right? The Glitzz outfit “Delilah” available at the mainstore is the second part of the stole I blogged >Here<. I’m including a pic so you can see the entire stunning ensemble all together, the jewels will actually sparkle in when you move your camera left and […]


More things from Aurica and some special items from The Epiphany opening on the 15th! Fewness has created this tattoo gatcha for EvoX heads. I’m wearing number 10 rare in my main picture and you can see 1-10 consecutively (from left to right), in the above photo. And below are the VIP and Exclusive options! […]


This cute set from UFO at Collabor88 instantly made me feel the need to don my gardening gloves, and water my plants! I don’t have a garden in RL at the moment. I’m not sure if i ever will again, and let me tell you I have absolutely missed it during the pandemic! Opening windows […]


Oh hai thur. I think this might be my most favourite portrait so far! I look REGAL! I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the new Epiphany bloggers, and while I’m not sure how I managed it I intend to attempt every round to make sure that I’m doing the event justice. […]

Cry me a sea.

I might never open my eyes in SL again and you can’t tell me that your avatar having open eyes is a good thing. When I was taking this photo I had Justin Timberlake singing “Cry me a river” In my head, but the way the last week has been, i’m crying an entire sea. […]