Good for you.

Meow. I’ve been in a really big cat mood. Usually when I’m a ‘pet-girl’ I lean toward a more canine appearance, the logic being that dogs are loyal, steadfast, and will always stand by their person, which is how i want to be. In my mind, cats are more relaxed, they come and go as […]

Throw back.

I’ve been hungry all day and these cinnamon rolls look SO good, can you just get in my mouth already? The [Cat-Noodle] Sweet Cinnamon Roll Basket Set is currently at N21 until January 12th and includes a single bun and latte to hold (separately) with animations for both M and F presenting avatars. They have […]


Hai, I’m going darkside for this post because.. well, because I’m cute. I love this adorable set from IYF for Kinky. There’s a BUNCH of options, including hiding the panties or the skirt on the lower half, or adding an undershirt on the top and removing the ruffly shoulder bits. If you’re a lady with […]


There’s something about the tone of the yellow Gaia uses that suddenly makes me want to turn all of their items that sunny sunflower shade, and I can’t help myself but become a burning beacon for the brand with my luminous yellow undies in this case haha. I really like this outfit and i’m super […]

Hope for better.

I feel as though this picture may have been taken on new years eve. Pickle’s had far too much socializing in her no-pandemic world, and has run out the back of the club with a bottle of champagne shoved up the arm of her fabulous leather jacket, and found a quiet spot on a dumpster […]


Let’s take a moment to talk about the new update on the Lelutka heads, shall we? Essentially, Lelutka updating to ‘Boundless’ means that although you can still get your aesthetic with your chosen head, it’s actually an entirely redesigned version of your head. This means there might be the chance you’re going to need to […]