Burning bridges.

I’m burning all my bridges, and you can’t stop meeeee. Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.


ohai there. I’ve succumbed to the theory that i’m maybe not doing as well as I portray a lot of the time, and that’s okay, I think. Might be serious hibernation time for this little Pickle. Lotus’s new set Replay has a bunch of gorgeous colours : I have a bunch of cute things for […]

Lilacs and lavenders.

The UK is experiencing weirdly warm spring weather. It’s not super warm (we’re still going to complain about warmer than mediocre, we are after all, British), but my hayfever has definitely been activated and this field of lavender is making me feel sneezy just looking at it! Haha. The adorable ROSIE set from Ascendant is […]

Come at me!

Feeling like a badass in this pic, haha. I ran into a lady who wore mens hair, and now we’re friends and she inspired me. Shout out to Neesa! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.


Hay! I have some things. If you need a cuppa and a snack, now’s the time! Let’s start with the adorable veechi shadows that are currently available at N21. The Jenna Liners come in two options, the regular option is shown above but there’s also a ‘vivid’ version. Both have 8 different liners and are […]

Bubble pop!

I gots a really big postie today so please go grab a cuppa and a snack, and come sit down comfortably while I explain and show all the things, k? <3 Let’s start with the gorgeous skin from Mila ; “Samara” is available at N21 now. She comes in the 8 tones shown above and […]

Throw back.

I’ve been hungry all day and these cinnamon rolls look SO good, can you just get in my mouth already? The [Cat-Noodle] Sweet Cinnamon Roll Basket Set is currently at N21 until January 12th and includes a single bun and latte to hold (separately) with animations for both M and F presenting avatars. They have […]


Hai, Hey, Hello! I have some more pictures for you. Ready? 3.2.1 GO! Lotus’s Manifest eyes are available at Shiny Shabby. It’s quite the conundrum for me, as every time a new set of Lotus eyes are released i’m convinced they’re my favourites and I’ll never take them off, and these are no exception! The […]

Hit play.

Hi hello! I found a walkman in my inventory to pair with the stunning set from Gaia that is at N21 this round, and I’m honestly feeling myself. I’ll always love walkmans, idc how old that makes me, the whole act of choosing a tape from your collection and slipping it in, hitting play and […]


Holler! How stinking cute is this Hoodie from Cynful? It was a special FLF halloween item, but Cynful are pretty awesome and tend to keep their item out for the entire weekend, so make sure you go grab it before it disappears! Also, Veechi have put out a regular set of eyeballs for N21, and […]