Pinnacle of awesome.

Hai! This is Sam. He’s written today’s blog text. “Sam is awesome and the pinnacle of awesome. Pickle smells bad on the daily. Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies, you’re worth it, xoxo” In fairness, he’s not wrong. He’s pretty awesome. I did shower today though so hopefully i’m not super stinky. Check out the […]


I’m clashing patterns and YOU can’t stop me. I feel totally adorable considering how far left of my comfort zone this is, how stinking cute is this dress & top set from Miss Chelsea? You can hide the top and just wear it as an adorable little slip dress. LOVVVEE. Make it a beautiful day, […]

More colour.

COLOUR! I was once told that I should try adding more colours to my photographs, but I’ve never been particularly good at that. I think I’m improving slightly, but even with my outfits I’ve always been a more “Does it match? Let’s have two colours that definitely match rather than 7 colours that might not […]

New tomorrow

Hi hello! A friendly reminder that you can choose to change things any damn day you want, and just because you haven’t managed to start your diet, do more exercise or any other resolution you may have made, doesn’t make it null and void! There’s a whole new day tomorrow and that’s just as good […]


Most of the time I am ridiculous enough to try and live in a little bubble of almost total ignorance to the things that go on in the real world with regards to Covid, pretending like my staying home is just another choice i’m making because i want it. Yesterday, however, I was forced to […]

Messed up.

Hay! Seeing as how I’ve royally messed up my sleep schedule lately, I’m currently on hour 28 of being awake. It’s a fun time in my house! While I try and right myself, check out some cute items from Gaia & Veechi. Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.


Hi, I’m cute. “Real eyes realize real lies.” I had that in my profile for a while. I can sniff out a liar at 40 paces, but I’ll still want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Silly me. Credits below! xoxo.


Hello, tired me here again, so have some credits & grab the new outfit from Miss Chelsea! xoxo

Hello, Dolly!

I know I’m saying this a lot lately, but holy balls how stinking cute am I right now? This Dolly Skin by Palette is literally everything I need for my Lelutka Ryn head. I cannot scream and squeal enough to have finally created my perfect Asian inspired avie, and she is serving me perfection.   […]