A little Sun.

The beauty of SL is that you can be in the snowy alps one minute, or the tropics the next. I rather think a little sun is necessary for me right now, Storm Ciara is raging through the UK and I’ve had at least 6 cups of tea today to calm my nerves and hope […]

Self care.

Sometimes the stars align, and today was one of those days. I’m in love with my own picture and I don’t give a shit if that’s egotistical, bite me! Self care for me often felt a bit weird, because I didn’t realize that I shouldn’t be making myself feel good for someone else, I should […]

Bright spirits.

Let’s start with the MuggleBorn bodysuit! There are Three base versions for each body, the one I’m showing above is the female version, then there’s a “bulge” version and also a “showing” version. Along with wearing the base, you’ll also need to wear the zip before attaching your hud and working out your styles. From […]

Tis the season.

Hayyz and I have been planning this shoot for a hot minute, ever since we saw that Muggleborn had added sizes to their iconic xmas bodysuit, in fact. (The sizes include Hourglass, EbodyCurvy, Kemono Fitted Torso, Solarian, Maitreya, Freya, Isis and Venus) I always jump at the chance to take snaps with Hayley, it’s no […]

My anxiety

I know a lot of people suffer with anxiety, but I only know what -mine- feels like. My anxiety means that some days I’ll sleep for 4 hours, and some days I’ll sleep for 14. My anxiety means I won’t make that call until I’m having a good day. My anxiety means I can start […]


MuggleBorn has done it again and produced this gorgeous bodysuit for the Fashion Fair at Ebody. It’s not available for ALL the bodies, and MuggleBorn Creator, Rosey has stated that sometimes, it’s just not possible due to rigging difficulties and or time constraints, which is perfectly reasonable considering the item still comes with all the […]


I know, I know, it’s Autumn now, Pickle. Why are you posting pictures of you clad in a teeny bikini while jogging towards the surf? Well, how about you just take a look at this freaking beautiful Muggleborn set and tell me why I wouldn’t!!? I’ve added some extra pictures, because the detailing was kind […]


Today I’m joined by the absolutely gorgeous Cutie (that’s actually her name, not just her adorable factor). I’m very grateful for Cutie as she understands that I can be incredibly introverted, yet will reach out on occasion and give me a gentle poke to remind me that she’s still around – which is something that […]

Space babe.

I’m some kind of spacebabe today, and the premise was that there’s a technical issue and Pickle was attempting to fix it. I mean, who am I kidding, she’s blatantly not got a clue so just batting her lashes at the nearest space ship expert while looking super hot. Anywayyy, it’s all thanks to this […]


I would very much like for someone to explain to me how it’s Thursday already. Logistically, I get it. Thursday comes right after Wednesday, yesterday was Wednesday so today is Thursday, but how? I feel like I skipped at least 2 and a half weeks to get here! Today’s picture is bought to you by […]