Moss & Mink has released the Silvia Daybed at Fameshed and it looks gorgeously comfy and plush! The Daybed uses the textures from the uni-hud, so you can customize it in any Moss&Mink texture found there. Given that it’s still Fall, I went for a slightly orangey feel which makes me feel all warm and […]

Warming up to fall.

Hello! Have some pretty things. There’s a bunch of Moss&Mink goodies in today’s post, starting with the lamp… I’m not the best at keeping up with everything. A lot of the time I can’t keep up with myself in the most basic of ways, and somehow I missed when this was released and how I […]

Distract me.

Hi! I’m often disappointed in people. And me. I’m people too. But today it’s mostly people. Luckily, I have some pretties from Bueno and Moss&Mink to distract me from disappointment! YAY!   Details? See belowwww. xoxo


Have a picture of my ass. You’re very welcome! There’s items from a few places featured in this picture, so be sure to check the credits. Oh, and also – here’s an unedited picture of all the pretties that might be a bit dark in the main photo. Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. xoxo

Girl party.

Hello! Have lots of information, okay? The Sari-Sari – Tuka Beach Hut is available at Anthem this round, and it’s bringing me all the summer vibes I need! Inside, I’ve used a selection of Moss&Mink items, the Girl Party set is currently at this round of Fameshed. Check all the credits below! Make it a […]


I took this picture three times, with three different male models. I edited all of them too. Here’s what I realized from the first picture I edited : Not everyone who claims they want to protect you will, and not everyone you want to protect wants your protection. Here’s what I learned from the second […]


Hi! I have a bunch of information, and some pretty pictures, so bear with me while i try and make some sense of it all! Moss&Mink released this absolutely stunning Marrakesh Pool at this month’s round of Kustom9. As always, I’m struggling to do this item justice, but let me just gush a second over […]

Lockdown funk.

I’m sure i’m not the only one who is currently experiencing days where you do everything and days where you just can’t function. Today is an “I’m not gonna function” day, and I’m okay with that. I’ll just sit here, play the sims, watch far too much Brooklyn nine-nine, and hope my deliveries appear intact […]

Inside out.

Let’s spread a little hope and happiness today, okay? Yesterday I talked about trouble with doctors and medication because of the craziness of the world right now, and today I had a call with the Nurse at my Doctor’s surgery, and was reassured on all things and now don’t need to leave the house. The […]

Bubbles and wine.

I finally got around to finishing the painting of my ceiling – and what better to celebrate than a hot bath, complete with bubbles and wine? The Moss&Mink Bath set at Fameshed is so delicate and charming and i’m absolutely in love. As usual it comes complete with the Uni Hud option to change so […]