Yep, done it again. Man Pickle has made a re-appearance especially for the gorgeous Lelutka head, Luka. I kind of love him! The male Lelutka heads come with many similar options to the females, the animations, material options and customization just make me squee with happy. Did you know you can adjust your lelutka eyeballs […]


Hi. Today is around day 16 of ‘self isolation’ for me. I found out i’m running low on certain medication, which is sending me spiraling a little. My Dad usually handles all that for me, but he’s in the high risk group too at the moment, and the last thing I want is him leaving […]

Country joy.

Hi! I borrowed my girl alt for this one, she’s pretty and relatively up to date, so I figured why not! Osmia has popped out these two Denim items, one is a dress and the other almost a corset-style denim top, and I love both. They’re so country and full of spring joy for me.  […]


Hi! Here are some cool things from Anthem. Go to Anthem, ok? Ok. I’ve been feeling in a bit of an SL funk lately, and I think that’s probably a good thing. Granted, I’m still not being as active elsewhere in my life as I would like, but generally, a lack of interest in all […]

Seal of approval.

Lake! Oh, how I love theee, Sister of Erin & Nova, one of the Lelutka tribe… you are my new favourite. Ok I’m a bit bonkers today. I left the house, had a minor melt down because once again the NHS is a dickbag, BUT! Through all that, I survived and I bring with me […]

My friend.

I’ve been in SL for almost 12 years. At some point during those very early times (i’m thinking around 2009), I stumbled into a strip club looking for employment. My manager there was this lady. We joked a lot, and she introduced me to some sides of SL that i’d never seen before – in […]

Slightly obsessed.

So I’m trying out this whole healthy eating thing, and it’s been a week and I’m slightly obsessed. I thought it’d be really hard to cut out all the crap that I regularly eat, but there are so many alternatives now that it’s not actually that hard at all, and I 100% recommend. I was […]

Warm spring.

Avery reached out to me and was super excited to collab on an Anthem themed postie, so here we are! Although I don’t often get together with other bloggers to combine our talents and create a collab piece, it’s something that I absolutely relish. Maybe that’s BECAUSE I don’t do it often, because anyone who […]

Bubbles and wine.

I finally got around to finishing the painting of my ceiling – and what better to celebrate than a hot bath, complete with bubbles and wine? The Moss&Mink Bath set at Fameshed is so delicate and charming and i’m absolutely in love. As usual it comes complete with the Uni Hud option to change so […]

One chance.

I’ve just decided (again, but more clearly) that second chances are no longer a thing for me in SL. You get one chance. Fuck up by pissing me off too often or being an absolute drama monger and I will just delete you and never speak to you again. I’m not even offering an explanation […]