Show off.

Ohai. I borrowed Paloma for this one, she’s just had a slight upgrade so she needed to show off her new look. As you’re probably well aware, this month is Pride. Once again, it’s not something I can identify with, but I will support everyone having the same rights as CIS, straight people forever and […]


I might have squee’d when the idea for this picture popped into my head. Not entirely sure what it is that Pickle is doing, maybe she’s a cyborg alien from outer space, or maybe she’s just a clumsy robo-babe who’s fallen into a river. The latter seems more probable! Still, take a look at the […]


Things! Things from Narcisse at Anthem, and other Anthem goodies! Check out all the links below, and then i’m going for a nap because I neeeed one! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. xoxo


Hi! I don’t have anything smart or funny to say today, except… I used my alt on the left of this picture and I didn’t notice until halfway through editing that the tattoo she’s wearing (from Dappa, obvs) didn’t show up on her hand. Please note that the tattoo does have a hand part, i’m […]


Hello, my sleep schedule is broken, have some pretties from Narcisse ok? Feel free to peek at Pickle floating. Thanks. xoxo

Country joy.

Hi! I borrowed my girl alt for this one, she’s pretty and relatively up to date, so I figured why not! Osmia has popped out these two Denim items, one is a dress and the other almost a corset-style denim top, and I love both. They’re so country and full of spring joy for me.  […]


Sometimes it takes days for me to work out a post, and other days it comes in a matter of minutes. This one was a combination. I put on this gorgeous ‘fit from Promagic and immediately felt like Jasmine from Aladdin, and knew I wanted to involve man-alt Durex as the ‘lead’, even though the […]

My friend.

I’ve been in SL for almost 12 years. At some point during those very early times (i’m thinking around 2009), I stumbled into a strip club looking for employment. My manager there was this lady. We joked a lot, and she introduced me to some sides of SL that i’d never seen before – in […]


Hi, I’m tired. I painted a ceiling yesterday and it needs another coat but I can’t do it because i’m basically a marshmallow of nope. I don’t know what a marshmallow of nope is, but it seemed appropriate, maybe it’s the paint fumes making me loopy. There’s some things here that you might like, if […]

Every second, more.

“I love you,’ Buttercup said. ‘I know this must come as something of a surprise to you, since all I’ve ever done is scorn you and degrade you and taunt you, but I have loved you for several hours now, and every second, more. I thought an hour ago that I loved you more than […]