Equal 10 is open and here are a few selections of the goodies available. Remember to be patient, this event is well worth the wait if you can’t get in! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it xoxo.

Shield Maiden.

I don’t think I’d be a very good shield maiden back in the Viking days (probably because i’d need armor on my chest tbh), but I do think i’d rock the look while staring at goats and begging them not to be sacrificed to the gods of Valhalla. TAKE THE SHEEP, RAGNAR. You leave my […]


I feel super cute, and with Equal10 opening today at midday, you can too! <3 Check out this adorable animation available from Sweet Art at the event, there’s a load of different versions in the package, including some that JUST animate your torso so you can still wear your favourite AO stands. The head animation […]


Let’s take a moment to talk about the new update on the Lelutka heads, shall we? Essentially, Lelutka updating to ‘Boundless’ means that although you can still get your aesthetic with your chosen head, it’s actually an entirely redesigned version of your head. This means there might be the chance you’re going to need to […]


I think I deleted my motorbikes in The Great Purge of 2019, which is slightly annoying considering how much they cost… so I went to Sau and played a gacha, and got super excited when I won one for 75L – only to find out that it’s covered in christmas paper. I snorted a bit, […]


Today I’m joined by the absolutely gorgeous Cutie (that’s actually her name, not just her adorable factor). I’m very grateful for Cutie as she understands that I can be incredibly introverted, yet will reach out on occasion and give me a gentle poke to remind me that she’s still around – which is something that […]


Hi! Have some skin things from Revoul! Yumei is available in a Genus and Omega applier, shown here on the classic head. She’s got 7 tones, all shown above in natural lighting. I feel a bit Nikita Dragun today, and that’s kinda weirding me out… More details? Check below! xoxo


Hey Spoonies! Revoul’s Camilla skin is a beaut! Check out the tones :   Make it a beautiful day, you’re worth it! xoxo


I’m bringing you yet another fairly clueless GOT post. Again, I’ve done a little research and I also picked at Potato’s brains while I could, and found out that the character I’m portraying is called Melisandre. She’s some kinda witch who plays with fire, and if you take her choker off, she’ll turn into an […]