A little Sun.

The beauty of SL is that you can be in the snowy alps one minute, or the tropics the next. I rather think a little sun is necessary for me right now, Storm Ciara is raging through the UK and I’ve had at least 6 cups of tea today to calm my nerves and hope […]


I’m looking far more glamorous in this dress than I feel today. I guess it IS monday, so it’d make the perfect time for a post about how I’m doing, in terms of mental health… It’s not a good day today. My anxiety is pretty much at it’s highest, I have a man in my […]

#FreebieFriday 011

It’s that time again! I’m super excited with this look! I know some people get kinda mad about people suddenly going goth for Halloween, but it’s really not like that for me. I thoroughly enjoy all styles – as you’ll probably notice if you spend enough time wandering through my blog… but because it’s getting […]

Freebie Friday 010

I don’t know if it’s the season change, or the fact that I’m just lazy, but I’m so stinking tired it’s not funny anymore! However, despite my sleepiness, I have traveled far and wide across the grid to pick out some fabulous freebies for my lovely spoonies on this delightful friday afternoon! Starting from the […]


Today I’m joined by the absolutely gorgeous Cutie (that’s actually her name, not just her adorable factor). I’m very grateful for Cutie as she understands that I can be incredibly introverted, yet will reach out on occasion and give me a gentle poke to remind me that she’s still around – which is something that […]


I read a facebook post recently that went something along the lines of… “If your man tells you his ex is psycho, believe him.” I have so many problems with this, and it mostly stems from the fact I’ve been called psycho or crazy a bunch. The truth of the matter is yes, I am […]


Hi! Have some skin things from Revoul! Yumei is available in a Genus and Omega applier, shown here on the classic head. She’s got 7 tones, all shown above in natural lighting. I feel a bit Nikita Dragun today, and that’s kinda weirding me out… More details? Check below! xoxo

Beautiful, glamorous!

Hi there Spoonies, Merry Sunday! It’s entirely possible that during this blog post I might melt. I would love to ask you to join me with a deck chair and a tall glass of lemonade, but it really would be like sitting on Satan’s ballsack, with zero air conditioning and no one wants that, no […]


Check out some goodies from Enchantment and Narcisse in today’s post! The sparkles behind me are animated to drop, similar to rain, so I’ve added a gif! It’s shot using gyazo so the quality is probably kinda meh, but you’ll get the idea! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You absolutely fucking deserve it. xoxo.


Some scars are buried beyond surface level. Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You deserve it. xoxo