Eye Candy.

Oof. I’m kinda digging bring back Man-Pickle for some Eye-candy at the moment! The head I’m wearing today is available from Akeruka (AK). You need to grab it super fast because TODAY (July 15th) it will get taken down. The Akeruka group is 150L to join. On getting your tag, you need to pay one […]

Hey there, Delilah.

Because we’re all just gaming in our fanciest underwear, right? The Glitzz outfit “Delilah” available at the mainstore is the second part of the stole I blogged >Here<. I’m including a pic so you can see the entire stunning ensemble all together, the jewels will actually sparkle in when you move your camera left and […]


More things from Aurica and some special items from The Epiphany opening on the 15th! Fewness has created this tattoo gatcha for EvoX heads. I’m wearing number 10 rare in my main picture and you can see 1-10 consecutively (from left to right), in the above photo. And below are the VIP and Exclusive options! […]


This cute set from UFO at Collabor88 instantly made me feel the need to don my gardening gloves, and water my plants! I don’t have a garden in RL at the moment. I’m not sure if i ever will again, and let me tell you I have absolutely missed it during the pandemic! Opening windows […]


Oh hai thur. I think this might be my most favourite portrait so far! I look REGAL! I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the new Epiphany bloggers, and while I’m not sure how I managed it I intend to attempt every round to make sure that I’m doing the event justice. […]


I’ve been in a bit of a pink bbg mode lately, but this corset definitely elevates that to a whole different level. Will you please just take a moment to admire the gorgeous materials? They don’t just look like that in full advanced graphics, either, the texturing is absolutely heavenly, and I am feeling angelic […]

Cry me a sea.

I might never open my eyes in SL again and you can’t tell me that your avatar having open eyes is a good thing. When I was taking this photo I had Justin Timberlake singing “Cry me a river” In my head, but the way the last week has been, i’m crying an entire sea. […]


When I was younger, my grandad had a caravan down by the coast. It wasn’t a small one, like this is, it was a big, static caravan and my family would sometimes book their own caravan so that we could spend summers with him and my nan, or we’d go down without him and borrow […]

Big wheel.

I have some kind of festival vibes going on today. It’s been so long since I went on any carnival rides. I’d really love to go on a big wheel – I think that’s something I’ve never done. Not even the London Eye and that’s kinda embarrassingly close. Is that even a big wheel? I […]

Not today.

Idk what you expected to see here, but not today baby, not today. In fact, don’t expect more than you’ve gotten from me already, which was basically everything I had – and it still wasn’t enough for you. It was me that deserved more. Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies, and remember; If standing up […]