Candy Floss.

I put a wardrobe up today! It’s nap time, right? Check out these beautiful items from Osmia, Miss Chelsea (It’s old, but re-rigged for some new bodies), and Gaia! Also, don’t touch my candyfloss, I’ll probably try to kill you because i need the sugar 😛 Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it […]

New girl.

I’ve been watching far too much “New Girl” on Netflix, and accidentally created the fabulous Miss Jessica Day. It’s a whole thing – but I’m loving the vibe. Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. xoxo.


Free the nipple! Also, buy this cute little ensemble from Gaia, because as usual it’s perfectly rigged and absolutely adorable. You can change both the inside fabric & the outside fabric colours with the fatpack, and I stan! I used the Androgynous head River from Lelutka for this post, too. I wanted to see how […]


As the summer starts to fade I think it’s fair to say that the evenings are cooling down just enough for you to feel the chill of autumn. In this picture, I like to think I’ve been enjoying a couple of beers with friends at the beach, felt a little cold and pulled the blankey […]

Rays of sun

Hey! Recently things have started moving again. I don’t mean I’M MOVING, I just mean… things are. Pixie & I recently started doing the Cow thing. I talked about it somewhere in this blog, and again more recently for a mental health monday. You find out quite quickly in SL that not everyone in any […]


Ready for another round of Anthem? I sure am! Check out all the details below! xoxo


Heller, I feel like i’m ready to be an extra on Sabrina or something. Cute, aren’t I? I love the ruffles on this cute outfit from Palette, check out the credits for the landmark! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo


I say this quite often, but this week has been a year. I’d like to say the things I’m currently trying to get my head around are just normal things. But they’re NOT normal things. They’re most definitely things that secondlife people would understand, but anyone outside of this environment might think that they’re just […]


Hi, i’m a cute demon. Check out my credits! xoxo


Ohai! I’ve been napping like crazy today! For some reason i’m just exhausted, so i’ve taken today a lot easier than I probably should have, and even ordered my dinner in. Oops! Have a look at the lovely Gaia & Anthem things I’m wearing today, along with the beautiful Ryn Skin from Glam Affair. Make […]