Hello! Yes, it’s pink again. I don’t know what it is about Pink, but i’m not shying away from it. Eventually there’ll be some other colours, i promise. And it’s not like this stunning glitzz outfit doesn’t come with loads of colour options, it totally does! Just maybe, check them out yourself and STOP JUDGING […]


I consider myself pretty loyal, ride or die if you will, so long as my boundaries aren’t crossed. Don’t think I’d ever actually commit a crime, though i’m not adverse to planning the occasional murder… just yanno, PROBABLY not gonna follow through. Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.

Wrap your pussy.

Equal10 made my heart so happy this round, from Mullets to Shibari to handy lil books for you to read to figure out how to wrap your pussy and say fuck off politely, it’s like this round was made for me and all my weird little quirks! Lotus have released the Elvira eyes for the […]


ohai there. I’ve succumbed to the theory that i’m maybe not doing as well as I portray a lot of the time, and that’s okay, I think. Might be serious hibernation time for this little Pickle. Lotus’s new set Replay has a bunch of gorgeous colours : I have a bunch of cute things for […]

Her face.

Hoi! I inadvertently made my favourite Buns in SL, so she’s now the proud owner of this shape because honestly i felt a little weird walking around with her face. BUT SHE’S GORGEOUS and in part it’s down to the skin from Avarosa at the current round of Epiphany, so maybe you should try and […]


The weather has been lovely in the UK the past couple of days, and what better way to show that than make it much more spring-summery in SL? Ascendant has this stunning set available at the fifty – there’s still a couple of days to pick this outfit up at the event, but if you […]


Anthem is bringing us a retro themed version of the event for this round and I’m already completely in love with every item on offer. Check out all the details below! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it.


Heller! I have some lovely items from Blanc and also some eyeballs from Veechi, I have a few pictures so take a gander and see what you think! I really enjoy this Tattoo! It might become a new favourite in my rotation. It’s by -Inkjection- and called Elora, currently available at Blanc! The Bikini you […]


Hi hi! Along with the gorgeous Milan head, Lelutka has released Noa at the Skin fair. Noa is for the masculine peoples, he has a chiseled jaw and reminds me of an evoX version of Guy, who was my favourite Lelutka Male Head for the longest time, pre-evo/evox. I’m wearing him with Aradia’s new skin […]


Hai! I’m feeling uber girly and cute in this entire ensemble, are you ready for some things? Mila’s Mazie Skin is one of four available at the Skin Fair. She’s shown above on the Lelutka Halle head, using the light brow option. She also has dark eyebrows and no eyebrow versions! Lotus’s Cookie eyes are […]