Ohai. See this head? It’s Akeruka Penny. Ofc I grabbed it from Blogotex the day before they released a new one – Sally, which is now 50% of for a few days, so go check her out if you love the AK heads! Penny however, might be my current favourite. Since AK received permission from […]


“Why don’t you come on over Vaaaaalerieeeeee” Let’s start with the Valerie skin by Mila at the current Skin Fair! Valerie is available in the six tones shown above, with both light & dark eyebrows and also NO eyebrows, so you can add your own appliers or BoM. Woo! She’s also got an accompanying set […]


So my Zombabe, Moon friend sent me this cute, huge plushie cow a week or so ago, and I immediately fell head over heels in love with her. Apparently they’re based on the Minecraft cows, but I’ve only played Minecraft once, so honestly, what the heck do I know, but she’s made them in a […]


Hey there sweet spoonies! Happy Monday! I got some pretties from Aurica and Babyboo today, so check the poses below and the landmarks even lower!   Make it a beautiful day, You’re worth it. xoxo.  

Hoi, hello, how’s it going? This hair from FunkyStench at Anthem makes me so happy! There’s also a big ol’ afro style with add-on hearts available at the event which is also beautifimous! I also picked up the Amanda skin by Mila. It was released back in november, but we all know that sometimes I’m […]


Hoi hai hellow! Hope you’re all living your best life this Saturday! Here’s some things; The Lotus Cancer eyes are part of the Zodiac Collection, and they’re just beautiful to me. The little heart pupil is so subtle but so stinking cute.. and the delicate lights that seem to just shoot into the centre of […]

Holigay Pride.

Hai. I am straight. I have done a Katy Perry and kissed a girl, but I did not like it. That doesn’t mean that I don’t support people kissing whoever the fuck they want, regardless of genders, race, etc etc. (Ok, age I have an issue with but so should you.). I stole a Cutie […]


Hellooo! I’m sick. It’s just a headcold, but I’m literally the worst person when i’m sick. I want to be left alone, while being pampered and not actually being alone. Send soup. <3 Check out these pretty poses from BabyBoo! Honestly, I’m the most adorable Pickle in SL right now, and no one can tell […]

Soft girl.

Oh hai there! Sometimes I just wanna be a soft girl, and this outfit & bedroom set both make me feel soft af and super cute. I just wanna snuggle under the blankets and snooze for a while okay? Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.