Safe house.

I kind of feel like this picture involves Fed being my bodyguard as i’m moved to a safe house because my drug dealing, money laundering Daddy is on the run and wants to keep me safe. I don’t think Fed is very happy about it, and I just want to go get those new shoes […]


I often wonder if people believe I have no friends due to the amount of time I spend alone, let this picture speak for the fact I have some frands ok? Most of the items we’re wearing can be found at this round of Equal10. I didn’t manage to catch Talia (All in white) for […]


Ohai! I finally got my grubby paws on the last female head Lelutka will be releasing on the 15th Jan. This one is called Sasha, and I think she’s the softest of the three more angular releases. She’s just as pliable as all the other boundless heads, and having her in my inventory meant that […]

Queen Zora.

If I were going to be a Queen, I would absolutely want to look like this. My daughter actually wandered into the room while I was creating the photograph for today’s post and asked if I was from Alice in Wonderland, which I LOVE the idea of! Zora is the second of the Lelutka heads […]


I hope you’re ready for the Lelutka drop coming on the 15th, because there’s FOUR beautiful new heads being released. This time, lelutka have gone back to their roots, and have made these faces in the theme of rare beauty and stronger features. So far I’ve only tried Irina, and she’s giving me modelesque vibes […]


I’m loving the face shape i’ve achieved with my Lelutka Erin, and what better way to show you how gorgeous I am than to also give you some HD eyebrows (because they’re a new layer with the boundless versions of the head) and some stunning lipsticks available at equal10. Go pick up all the things! […]


Kay, so how stinking cute is this whole entire ensemble by Lunar at Equal10? Yus, NEEDED it! I’m also really happy to show you an absolutely gorgeous tattoo from Dappa – it’s been a while old friend! There’s a bunch of super awesome items at this months Equal10, go grab your stuff TODAY! Opening at […]


Hi, I’m cute. “Real eyes realize real lies.” I had that in my profile for a while. I can sniff out a liar at 40 paces, but I’ll still want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Silly me. Credits below! xoxo.


ohai! I’m totally fantasizing i’m a rockstar, and you’re gonna just go with it okay? Thanks. MORE ANTHEM THINGS! See below. 😛 Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.