I’m actually really happy with the way this picture came out. The last few days I’ve had a lot more time to experiment with my photography and lighting – it be like that when you stop going above and beyond for people who don’t appreciate you, doesn’t it? Admittedly, some of my angles can be […]

Dam right!

I’ve been slowly falling in love with my Kupra shape all over again. I thought i’d gotten it right around Christmas, but now I’m finding it even easier to shape the way I want it, and I might (Might! It’s still me, after all and I’ll probably have a different shape next week), have found […]


Anthem is opening up tomorrow and there’s a bunch of goodies for you! I’m wearing a few items that i thoroughly intend on blogging again later for a closer look, but it’ll be open tomorrow so if I don’t get to it before you do, buy it all. Okay? <3 Make it a beautiful day, […]


We’re all apparently made of stardust, but I think my head is stuck in space. Make it a beautiful day, spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo

Revisiting Nova.

Hey there sweet Spoonies, I hope your Holiday Season is going swimmingly! I decided to revisit the Lelutka Nova head now that it’s been updated to boundless (ok so I’m slow, but there’s just so many heads now, I can’t keep up!), and this time I even used the piercings. I’m not sure why I […]


Equal10 opens today! YAY! This is one of the many stunning items available at the event, so be sure to stop by and pick up your favourites! I feel a little bit like a wood-elf or some-other foresty magical creature with the colours I’ve chosen, but rest assured there are loads of variations to chose […]

Seasonal Snuggle.

What better way to waste some time than to grab a seasonal snuggle with someone you actually enjoy? I haven’t put my christmas tree up for around 6 years, and I’m not sure if this year will be any different. It won’t be for the same reason as the other years though, because i’m less […]

Guide me.

So it’s time for me to get my boobs out again it seems! Have some nipples! I was going to do a big post about my often forgotten “Mental Health Monday”, but things are in such a mess at the moment, there’s no way I could begin to explain what’s going on. My daughter is […]

Alpaca Love.

Hi! It’s been a bit of a weird weekend for me, my daughter is staying and we’re not sure how long for, it might be permanent. There’s a massive backstory, but I’m saving it for right now, as it’s still quite fresh and personal to me. Hopefully, things will get sorted out within the coming […]

There’s been a bit of an explosion in my real life today, so I’m keeping this short and sweet; buy these things, ok? Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo