Revisiting Nova.

Hey there sweet Spoonies, I hope your Holiday Season is going swimmingly! I decided to revisit the Lelutka Nova head now that it’s been updated to boundless (ok so I’m slow, but there’s just so many heads now, I can’t keep up!), and this time I even used the piercings. I’m not sure why I […]


Equal10 opens today! YAY! This is one of the many stunning items available at the event, so be sure to stop by and pick up your favourites! I feel a little bit like a wood-elf or some-other foresty magical creature with the colours I’ve chosen, but rest assured there are loads of variations to chose […]

Seasonal Snuggle.

What better way to waste some time than to grab a seasonal snuggle with someone you actually enjoy? I haven’t put my christmas tree up for around 6 years, and I’m not sure if this year will be any different. It won’t be for the same reason as the other years though, because i’m less […]

Guide me.

So it’s time for me to get my boobs out again it seems! Have some nipples! I was going to do a big post about my often forgotten “Mental Health Monday”, but things are in such a mess at the moment, there’s no way I could begin to explain what’s going on. My daughter is […]

Alpaca Love.

Hi! It’s been a bit of a weird weekend for me, my daughter is staying and we’re not sure how long for, it might be permanent. There’s a massive backstory, but I’m saving it for right now, as it’s still quite fresh and personal to me. Hopefully, things will get sorted out within the coming […]

There’s been a bit of an explosion in my real life today, so I’m keeping this short and sweet; buy these things, ok? Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo


I’m loving the face shape i’ve achieved with my Lelutka Erin, and what better way to show you how gorgeous I am than to also give you some HD eyebrows (because they’re a new layer with the boundless versions of the head) and some stunning lipsticks available at equal10. Go pick up all the things! […]

All I ask of you.

Promise me that all you say is true.   Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. xoxo

Blue skies.

Hai! Let’s take a look at the pretties on display yeah? My outfit is from Osmia and you can find it at Uber for around another week, after which it’ll be found at the Mainstore. Bueno has come out with these fabulous boots, which are available at Anthem and come in an array of colours, […]

Glance behind.

Let me just say, Phantom of the Opera is the reason that I ever wanted to play music myself. I can’t anymore, I’m out of practice, but that hasn’t stopped me singing (badly) that “the Phantom of the Opera is theeeeerrreeee inside my mind” since the blogotex opened for Enchantment Event. In MY mind, I […]