Hi! I gots so much stuffffff. It’s gonna be another long one so grab a cup of tea. <3 Mila has made some pretty evox lashes, available in three versions inside the hud. So stinking cutes! Along with the lashes, there’s also a brand new skin, “Angelic”, for Lelutka EVOX. I also tried this skin […]


I feel… so stinking cute in this outfit, I might never take it off. I’ve already been wearing it for 2 days and the result is unanimous. I’m adorable. Wanna wear it too? Check below, plus yanno, look at all the colour options on the Lotus Eyes available at Equal10 too! Make it a beautiful […]

Update Party!

Oh boy, hold on to your panties because although I may be a little late to the Lelutka Update party, I have some things for you! Let’s talk about the updates to 3.1! What is new with 3.1? HUD: – Evolution Classic heads have now been updated to 3.1. The updates are still rolling out, […]

Double trouble.

Oh noes, it’s double trouble time! Buy the things, play the gachas, take the photos, make the pretties! I haven’t slept for a while so I might be slightly more bonkers than usual, but i love my dual picture of two Pickles. That’s the same face shape, and I think that’s kinda interesting to compare […]


I’m not happy with today’s picture, and have been avoiding posting it because i don’t think it’s the same quality that i’ve been putting out recently. However, I do love the outfit, and I think I look adorable af! When someone compliments me on my ‘photo skills’ I do often second guess myself, and I […]


Hello! Go grab this bikini! It’s 50L for Friday, and everyone knows that a bikini is an essential in any women’s wardrobe, especially one with so many options, including making the cups bigger (yes I pulled the cups down to reveal my breasticles, please don’t judge me) and changing the textures of all the metal. […]

She is me.

This is my current ‘go to’ look. Sometimes when I’m blogging I make entirely new ‘characters’ just for that outfit, but this one? This week, she is me. Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.


I had plans to be a futuristic babe from another galaxy, but you know how it is, you start doing a thing and then that thing starts thinging all by itself, and suddenly you’re a badass sniper saving your country from … idk what do snipers save people from? Anyway, that’s me. This outfit was […]


Hi, i’m tired. However, yesterday I identified a negative trigger and removed the unapologetic cause immediately, thus bringing peace to my world without a drama, and that makes me proud. Boundaries, people. Please be respectful. Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it.


Hey, hi, hello… I’m still here! Don’t you wish you were on vacation? Check out this adorable set from Cynful! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.