Squish Revolution.

It’s been a minute since i took a stripper picture, and i couldn’t be happier as to how it turned out. I’m showing off the ebody updated body (check it out!), along with the brand new ebody x axolotl Juicy Boobs & top addon, which squishes those tiddies in such a beautiful way, and for […]

Worship me.

Usually I woulda asked a friend to step in and be stepped on, but recently I just wanna be on my lonesome – so i’m reintroducing you to Durex. My alt. Naturally he worships me as much as I do. *coughs* I couldn’t resist making this a D/s themed pic when I added the naughty […]


Lelutka is dropping the absolutely jaw dropping Ora head at the Anniversary of the Inithium Event tomorrow. Check it out, it’s gorgeous! She has a bit of a bulbous, eastern european shaped nose imo and I can’t help seeing a lil of the Influencer Gabby Hana in her. There’s also the possibility of a nose […]