Honey… do dodo do dodo, ahh sugar sugar! Every time i see this top i think of that song – you know the one. It goes just like that! Anywho, Miss Chelsea has updated an old favourite ready for reborn, Kupra and Kups, Perky and Petite sizes – They’ve been busy! It even has a […]

Ball Jointed Dolly.

Hey dolls. See what I did there? Dolls. Because I’m living my best broken dolly life in this new body modification from Salt&Pepper that is currently available at the March round of Equal10. I have long been a fan of ball jointed dolls, and how absolutely stinking cute they are! Back in the day I […]

Movie time.

My beautiful SL daughter sent me a care package all the way from America! I got reeses cups, nerd clusters, some home made toffee (It was so nommy!), some pies, and popcorn and loads more! She suggested me and my rl daughter had a movie night, so yesterday when my child visited, we did just […]

Relax, baby.

Today it’s a self care day, bought to you by the gorgeous, the stunning, the beautiful bath & fountain from Moss&Mink. {moss&mink} Valerie Outdoor Bath & Fountain will be available at Access on January 12th. It comes with a hud for the fountain and the bath to change the colours of all the things, and […]

Wandering in Fall.

I managed to steal the beautiful Bunny for another collab with the stunning outfits available at Equal10 from Cynful. They’re just so cosy, warm and autumnal, i’m in love! You can find Bunny’s version of our photo, along with all her credits >Here<. The cardigan and the bodysuit both have options for how fluffy you […]

Comfy Kuma.

Oh hai there. This entire scene developed after Bleue approached me to peek at the gorgeous omlette creation she’s created with her partner, and immediately after that i was a bear Pickle cooking breakfast for the masses. Ok not the masses, just me, because i’m a chonk. The yummy [Cat-Noodle] Comfy Kuma Omelette will be […]

Your wish.

What was that? You’d like to see more Anthem goodies? Well, okay – your wish is my command. Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.


Heller sweet Spoonies! I’ve managed to squeeze a few sponsor stores and events into this post, which is quite unusual for me nowadays but I would definitely like to do more often, so I hope you’ve got your reading glasses on for those credits, because there’s a few! Hopefully you’ll find a little something that […]

Hello, Dolly!

I know I’m saying this a lot lately, but holy balls how stinking cute am I right now? This Dolly Skin by Palette is literally everything I need for my Lelutka Ryn head. I cannot scream and squeal enough to have finally created my perfect Asian inspired avie, and she is serving me perfection.   […]

Distract me.

Hi! I’m often disappointed in people. And me. I’m people too. But today it’s mostly people. Luckily, I have some pretties from Bueno and Moss&Mink to distract me from disappointment! YAY!   Details? See belowwww. xoxo