Glam Affair


Hi, I feel cute. Also exhausted. But in the best way. Here’s a look at the gorgeous Dappa tattoo :   Also, the pants are

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Making plans.

I stole my new frand Christian for this picture, so shout at him if you hate it because it’s probably his fault. Not really though.

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Promagic is making me feel like a Princess today, and you can, too! This outfit has been released for the Saturday Sale, but please check

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Morning rain.

It’s a whole Anthem post again (with a drizzle of Dappa and Lelutka of course), and because it’s a 90’s themed round, and the whole

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I can.

2020 has so far been pretty mixed bag for me, and I’m planning on focusing on good energy for the rest of ever (is that

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Okay okay, so I’m in love again. Meet Erin. If you’ve caught my last couple of posts you’d have met Nova, the other new release

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This place.

Hi! I’m trying this thing where RL becomes more important than SL, which is really the way it should be. As I sit typing this,

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Lelutka has completely remastered their heads and huds and OH MY GOD they are LIFE! So this weekend I did RL HARD, like, so hard,

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If I could have an animal to comfort me and ease my mind, I would most certainly choose the goat. Those who know me just

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No loss.

Hey, hello, howareya? Anthem opened today and once again the event is bringing you some fabulous items from some amazing creators. I’m featuring SALT and

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