Alpaca Love.

Hi! It’s been a bit of a weird weekend for me, my daughter is staying and we’re not sure how long for, it might be permanent. There’s a massive backstory, but I’m saving it for right now, as it’s still quite fresh and personal to me. Hopefully, things will get sorted out within the coming […]

A message.

I stole my new friend to help me take this picture with a message as soon as he logged in of.. “Come hold my tits for a picture?” and hold my tits he did. Thank you! It came out quite nice, and so now you get to have some credits. Make it a beautiful day, […]


I couldn’t resist this top (with a huggable banana attached) when I saw it at Kustom9, and the best part is that it matches perfectly with the skirt from Gaia, also available at the event! Check out the credits below for some landmarks! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.

Candy Floss.

I put a wardrobe up today! It’s nap time, right? Check out these beautiful items from Osmia, Miss Chelsea (It’s old, but re-rigged for some new bodies), and Gaia! Also, don’t touch my candyfloss, I’ll probably try to kill you because i need the sugar 😛 Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it […]


Free the nipple! Also, buy this cute little ensemble from Gaia, because as usual it’s perfectly rigged and absolutely adorable. You can change both the inside fabric & the outside fabric colours with the fatpack, and I stan! I used the Androgynous head River from Lelutka for this post, too. I wanted to see how […]


Ohai! I’ve been napping like crazy today! For some reason i’m just exhausted, so i’ve taken today a lot easier than I probably should have, and even ordered my dinner in. Oops! Have a look at the lovely Gaia & Anthem things I’m wearing today, along with the beautiful Ryn Skin from Glam Affair. Make […]

Best intentions.

Some days start out with the best intentions, and then somewhere along the way I get a little distracted. I guess that’s why my posts aren’t coming as frequently as they used to. I used to be able to push a blog post out every day. Now some weeks i’m lucky if there’s three. I […]

Take a nap.

There’s absolutely nothing I would like more than to climb up a tree and take a nap. I’d probably hurt myself in the process.. but I think it’d be a worthy reason for a few bumps!   Gaia’s jeans are stunning. Not only are they fitted to perfection (as usual), but there’s also the option […]


Hello! I feel super cute but my brain is made of jelly – have some credits! xoxo


Hai Spoonies! I’m absolutely convinced I was a puppy in a former life. I literally go from asleep to full pelt in around 30 seconds, can zone out like a mofo and stare at the wall for days, and i really like head pats. I’m sure there’s more, but that’s probably getting a little personal. […]