Squish Revolution.

It’s been a minute since i took a stripper picture, and i couldn’t be happier as to how it turned out. I’m showing off the ebody updated body (check it out!), along with the brand new ebody x axolotl Juicy Boobs & top addon, which squishes those tiddies in such a beautiful way, and for […]


Anthem is bringing us a retro themed version of the event for this round and I’m already completely in love with every item on offer. Check out all the details below! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it.


Hi! Sometimes when I see things I get super excited and overwhelm myself. That happened today and I ended up taking two photo’s instead of my normal one. I kind of like to think of it as a whole rp experience in SL though – it wasn’t. But we’ll pretend, yeah? In the first picture […]


Hay! Cat-Noodle is bringing a little sunshine to our lives with this nommy Sweetheart Watermelon set! It’s available as part of the Farmers Market event. Taken from the notecard released by Panache Events ; “Taking inspiration from real life farmers markets and street fairs, Farmers Market is a place where artisans excel and showcase their […]

Holigay Pride.

Hai. I am straight. I have done a Katy Perry and kissed a girl, but I did not like it. That doesn’t mean that I don’t support people kissing whoever the fuck they want, regardless of genders, race, etc etc. (Ok, age I have an issue with but so should you.). I stole a Cutie […]


Oh hai there, sweet Spoonies! Cynful is releasing this beautifully fluffy towel at equal10 this round, which opens on the 10th. It comes with two fluff options (I’ve only shown one, I’m so sorry!), and 3 options for how modest you wanna be when you’re wearing the towel, shown below. Excuse nips and foof but […]


Hello! This new gown from Glitzz is just so beautiful I had to do a celebratory dance with Z. Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo

Inky pages.

When I was growing up, my favourite Author was Stephen King. It took me 6 months to read the first novel – IT. I remember kicking it under my bed at night because the clown face on the front would creep me out, and each time I pulled the paperback out from under there in […]


Orite! Let’s talk about things that make me have a tantrum. MEN. It is not attractive to be speaking to you for 10 minutes and then have you try to put your hands anywhere on me. I was probably very grateful for the chat, but your hands are not welcome on my body unless I […]

Hey there, Delilah.

Because we’re all just gaming in our fanciest underwear, right? The Glitzz outfit “Delilah” available at the mainstore is the second part of the stole I blogged >Here<. I’m including a pic so you can see the entire stunning ensemble all together, the jewels will actually sparkle in when you move your camera left and […]