This place.

Hi! I’m trying this thing where RL becomes more important than SL, which is really the way it should be. As I sit typing this,

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For us.

Hi hello, how are ya? I’m pretty sure i’ve gushed about how much I love Narcisse (The brand and the lady!) and the materials that

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I’m looking far more glamorous in this dress than I feel today. I guess it IS monday, so it’d make the perfect time for a

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Still feeling these fall vibes and you can’t stop me!   Today I wanted to address boundaries, as there’s been a little bit of drama

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Scream Queen.

Hey Spoonies! It’s been a minute since I’ve done a big ol’ blawg with bunches of pics, so hold on to your pointed witchypoo hat-things,

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Who you are.

I haven’t been writing too much lately, and I think for the most part, that’s okay. We all need a little break sometimes. I did

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