Heller! I’m hoping to get a couple of posts out today, who knew that blawgin’ would get busy for me again eh? I’m kind of loving it! Have some gorgeous lingerie from Glitzz, it’s so stunningly delicate and has options to remove the lace from the bra area. Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re […]


Moss & Mink has released the Silvia Daybed at Fameshed and it looks gorgeously comfy and plush! The Daybed uses the textures from the uni-hud, so you can customize it in any Moss&Mink texture found there. Given that it’s still Fall, I went for a slightly orangey feel which makes me feel all warm and […]


Hi! Today I am tired, and that’s good, because i did things and now i’m feeling the things i did. Or something. Have some more things I did that didn’t make me tired okay? The Kali Gacha from Palette is available at the Harajuku Event until TOMORROW, so you might wanna get your mitts on […]


Have a picture of my ass. You’re very welcome! There’s items from a few places featured in this picture, so be sure to check the credits. Oh, and also – here’s an unedited picture of all the pretties that might be a bit dark in the main photo. Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. xoxo

Girl party.

Hello! Have lots of information, okay? The Sari-Sari – Tuka Beach Hut is available at Anthem this round, and it’s bringing me all the summer vibes I need! Inside, I’ve used a selection of Moss&Mink items, the Girl Party set is currently at this round of Fameshed. Check all the credits below! Make it a […]


Well hello there, sweet Spoonies! I managed to snag another sponsor recently, and again I’m a little shocked that I was permitted to be a part of their bloggers… which is a lovely feeling! I’ve gotten Scandalize. They’re a mostly female clothing brand, and I’m sure a lot of you would recognize them at some […]

Show off.

Ohai. I borrowed Paloma for this one, she’s just had a slight upgrade so she needed to show off her new look. As you’re probably well aware, this month is Pride. Once again, it’s not something I can identify with, but I will support everyone having the same rights as CIS, straight people forever and […]


MY LIVINGROOM IS PAINTED. Enjoy a picture cus ya girl (who says that without irony?) is tireeeed. xoxo.

Lockdown funk.

I’m sure i’m not the only one who is currently experiencing days where you do everything and days where you just can’t function. Today is an “I’m not gonna function” day, and I’m okay with that. I’ll just sit here, play the sims, watch far too much Brooklyn nine-nine, and hope my deliveries appear intact […]


Never actually been to a cookout, here in the UK we call them barbecues, but my family were never really fond of them – unless you count my 14th Birthday, when my Dad decided it’d be a great idea to play chef and had to spend 2 hours underneath an umbrella to bbq burgers for […]