Show off.

Ohai. I borrowed Paloma for this one, she’s just had a slight upgrade so she needed to show off her new look. As you’re probably well aware, this month is Pride. Once again, it’s not something I can identify with, but I will support everyone having the same rights as CIS, straight people forever and […]


MY LIVINGROOM IS PAINTED. Enjoy a picture cus ya girl (who says that without irony?) is tireeeed. xoxo.

Lockdown funk.

I’m sure i’m not the only one who is currently experiencing days where you do everything and days where you just can’t function. Today is an “I’m not gonna function” day, and I’m okay with that. I’ll just sit here, play the sims, watch far too much Brooklyn nine-nine, and hope my deliveries appear intact […]


Never actually been to a cookout, here in the UK we call them barbecues, but my family were never really fond of them – unless you count my 14th Birthday, when my Dad decided it’d be a great idea to play chef and had to spend 2 hours underneath an umbrella to bbq burgers for […]

Bubbles and wine.

I finally got around to finishing the painting of my ceiling – and what better to celebrate than a hot bath, complete with bubbles and wine? The Moss&Mink Bath set at Fameshed is so delicate and charming and i’m absolutely in love. As usual it comes complete with the Uni Hud option to change so […]

Forever And Always

I don’t have anything witty or funny to say today, so check some credits, yeah? xoxo

This place.

Hi! I’m trying this thing where RL becomes more important than SL, which is really the way it should be. As I sit typing this, my little girl is spending the night in my ‘spare room’ which is, and always was, her bedroom. Those who know me will know what an absolutely massive deal this […]

For us.

Hi hello, how are ya? I’m pretty sure i’ve gushed about how much I love Narcisse (The brand and the lady!) and the materials that are always present on the items she produces, and sometimes when I’m writing this blog I just wonder how I’m going to gush about them more without saying the same […]


I’m looking far more glamorous in this dress than I feel today. I guess it IS monday, so it’d make the perfect time for a post about how I’m doing, in terms of mental health… It’s not a good day today. My anxiety is pretty much at it’s highest, I have a man in my […]