Hallo, how hungry are you? These nommy looking burgers from Cat-Noodle are currently available at the fifty, and come in two versions; Savory Salmon and Savory Shrimp, sold separately or in a delicious “Chonky Pack”. Pickle quite fancied the salmon version, so the shrimp option is shown on the board beside her. As always, Cat-Noodle […]

Wake up.

Hi Hello! I’m really struggling with a decent sleep schedule at the moment. I thought i’d gotten back to normal but I accidentally (it wasn’t an accident) took a nap, and it turned into a 6 hour sleep, so I guess I’m awake all night! What better way to wake up than with a lovely […]


Hi! I stole Daddy Durex for a picture. Don’t get your knickers in a twist, he’s still my alt, still partnered to my sister, still a mandolly – BUT OH! How pretty he is and how he makes me happy, and how I would sit on his face for days if only he were filled […]


When I was younger, my grandad had a caravan down by the coast. It wasn’t a small one, like this is, it was a big, static caravan and my family would sometimes book their own caravan so that we could spend summers with him and my nan, or we’d go down without him and borrow […]