The Evani Jay set is available at that one event we don’t talk about on this blog, Landmark below. While I still don’t like that

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Mentally gone.

Uber opens on the 25th, and Bueno has put out this gorgeous top. There’s a bunch of different colour options, and some pretty fun text

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Gifts galore!

I had a lot of fun with this post, and actually tried to take the picture three or more times – sometimes, that’s a major

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Don’t fall!

Hey! Hi, Hello! I did say I might do a MentalHealthMonday, but it’s not gonna happen, so maybe next week! Meanwhile, I’ve been having some

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So if you thought the horror story from Halloween was a nightmare, imagine having 3 hours of sleep after that nonsense, and then getting woken

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I absolutely adore this outfit I put together today! I’m feeling all sorts of Halloween-Retro goodness! I was thinking that maybe i’ll start writing out

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A long time ago I was told by someone who I thought was going to be in my life for a long time, that the

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Move on.

Today’s post has left me doing a little bit of soul searching. Earlier today, I was browsing facebook and came upon a post regarding toxic

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I had a nap today, which means I’ll probably be awake all night after I just sorted out my sleep schedule again. I’m nothing if

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Before we even start today, I need to do a massive shout out to the amazingly talented Astoria Knot, who was kind enough to take

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