Sing you home.

You ever listen to a song and it instantly transports you back to the place you were when you heard it for the first time? “Frankie” used to blare out of the radio my mum would listen to in the mornings when I was a small child. “Do you remember me?” the female singer would […]

The story.

I’m having trouble finding the energy to blog at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it and I’m not going anywhere. For a long time this has been my safe space, my journal, but lately it’s been becoming more difficult to find the words to express the things I feel in a […]

Choose to love.

Pride has hit secondlife with a bang, with many creators throwing out group gifts to commemorate the occasion. While I’m not gay and can’t identify with the struggles, the violence and the general backlash many of the community deal with, I do believe that no matter who you are or what your gender or sexual […]