Oh hai there sweet Spoonies! Happy Monday! I was lucky enough to take part in another hotel review for Dirk Vanlager’s blog, and this time I visited Havana Botella with my beautiful BunBuns! You can find all of the information, reviews and details with extra pictures on Dirk’s blog >Here<. Make sure to check out […]

Ball Jointed Dolly.

Hey dolls. See what I did there? Dolls. Because I’m living my best broken dolly life in this new body modification from Salt&Pepper that is currently available at the March round of Equal10. I have long been a fan of ball jointed dolls, and how absolutely stinking cute they are! Back in the day I […]


Hai! Except for the skirt, I think this Pickle is pretty close to what the RL Pickle has been doing for a couple of weeks. I bought new curtains for my ‘spare’ room and as I don’t own a sewing machine, I hand stitched them to the right length, and also made a couple of […]


Hay! Cat-Noodle is bringing a little sunshine to our lives with this nommy Sweetheart Watermelon set! It’s available as part of the Farmers Market event. Taken from the notecard released by Panache Events ; “Taking inspiration from real life farmers markets and street fairs, Farmers Market is a place where artisans excel and showcase their […]

Wake up.

Hi Hello! I’m really struggling with a decent sleep schedule at the moment. I thought i’d gotten back to normal but I accidentally (it wasn’t an accident) took a nap, and it turned into a 6 hour sleep, so I guess I’m awake all night! What better way to wake up than with a lovely […]

In the spirit.

Hihi! I’m obsessed with literally everything at Anthem this round and I’m not sure there’s enough hours in the day for me to get to blogging all the pretties – that means it’s on YOU to visit, and buy all the things and make them look beautiful around your home and upon your beautifimous avies. […]

Teddy’s Picnic.

If you go down to the woods today…. You’re gonna find a really cute couple of Teddy Bears having an adorable picnic with some butterfly friends! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo


Heller sweet Spoonies! I’ve managed to squeeze a few sponsor stores and events into this post, which is quite unusual for me nowadays but I would definitely like to do more often, so I hope you’ve got your reading glasses on for those credits, because there’s a few! Hopefully you’ll find a little something that […]


I’m feeling hella festive today, not only is Pickle surrounded by gifts and christmassy awesome in SL, but the rl Pickle finally got the last of her gifts for other people delivered! Not sure why I’m speaking in third person, but it’s been that sort of a day, so I’m just going with it. One […]

Warm spring.

Avery reached out to me and was super excited to collab on an Anthem themed postie, so here we are! Although I don’t often get together with other bloggers to combine our talents and create a collab piece, it’s something that I absolutely relish. Maybe that’s BECAUSE I don’t do it often, because anyone who […]