Hi Y’all or whatever cowboys say cus yesterday I said the only cowboy phrases I know and now i’ve run out. Sorry. Check out this gorgeous face from Akeruka x Avarosa! Ok so I know there’s probably not a lot of asian cowboys, but sometimes you just have to represent, and i’m absolutely convinced there’s […]


Ohai there sweet Spoonies! When I initially took Lelutka’s PRIM head out of her box and adorned it upon my avatar, I immediately thought of Pixie’s, Fairies and other adorable mystical creatures. She felt like a roleplay head to me although I have no doubt that she could be used in a more every day […]


Hai thur. I’m not sure if you’ve managed to miss the hype, but Skin Fair is literally around the corner, opening tomorrow, the 11th March. For the occasion, Lelutka have released two new heads, one male (Noa) and one female (Milan). So far, as you can probably see haha, i’ve only worked on the Milan […]


Hi! Check out my handsome Akeruka head and stuff! I think this might be one of my favourite heads to shape for men, the bump in the nose that you just can’t get with many heads has really made my heart happy and given my man-Pickle (that sounded better in my head today) a bit […]


Hai, hello, howareya? I have some pretties from Aurica and babyboo today! Ready? Aurica’s Mona dress is available at Winter Spirit. I love the coat specifically as it just looks like a lightweight yet warm padded, slightly fluffy coat that you could just slip on to run to the post box to post all those […]