I’m not sure if i’m subconsciously going for a Thelma vibe every time i wear ginger hair, or if i’m just secretly in love with Thelma, but every time i wear ginger hair recently I feel like my best, nerdiest self, but HOT. Check out these cool items from Aurica & Ascendant! Make it a […]

Overthinking too much.

Hai sweet Spoonies, I hope your day is going fantastically! Do we ever overthink TOO MUCH when our thoughts align to our beliefs? I have a bunch of things for you today, from the gorgeous lingerie set, to the beautiful skin and the amazing tattoo from ATI which also has a version without the neck […]

Da ba dee.

Hi, I’m blue. Da ba dee da ba dai. Check out some cute things from this round of blanc! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.

Worship me.

Usually I woulda asked a friend to step in and be stepped on, but recently I just wanna be on my lonesome – so i’m reintroducing you to Durex. My alt. Naturally he worships me as much as I do. *coughs* I couldn’t resist making this a D/s themed pic when I added the naughty […]


The weather has been lovely in the UK the past couple of days, and what better way to show that than make it much more spring-summery in SL? Ascendant has this stunning set available at the fifty – there’s still a couple of days to pick this outfit up at the event, but if you […]


Happy FriYay sweet spoonies! The Epiphany opens up soon, and so far all i’ve got to show you are a pair of panties, LOL! I can assure you that there are many more Epiphany posts coming and there are indeed more beautiful things available than just panties – but how cute are they? Addicted to […]

A trip.

Hi hi, sweet Spoonies! I’m planning a trip to see my SL sister for the first time ever in September (I’m speaking this into existence right now because nothing is actually set in stone), and if i look even half as good as Pickle does while on the train I reckon it’ll be a good […]


Lelutka is dropping the absolutely jaw dropping Ora head at the Anniversary of the Inithium Event tomorrow. Check it out, it’s gorgeous! She has a bit of a bulbous, eastern european shaped nose imo and I can’t help seeing a lil of the Influencer Gabby Hana in her. There’s also the possibility of a nose […]


Hi, hello! There is literally so much awesome dropping for your shopping pleasure lately that i had to bring in a very special Bunny to showcase it all! Skip below to check out all the things, and check out Bunny’s flickr version >Here< for the things on her that i’m just too lazy to mention […]


Ohai sweet spoonies! I have some goodies from Mila and Lotus, so more pics are incoming! The Milena Skin from Mila is currently available at Cosmopolitan. She’s available in 8 tones shown above in the dark eyebrow version. There’s also a light eyebrow and no eyebrow option along with a neck fade so you can […]