Glow up.

Hallo. So I’m definitely not a Pickle anymore. Let’s do a brief kindofsortofmentalhealthmondaybutnotexactly. I know what I want now, and for the first time in a long time, I know how to get out of situations i’m uncomfortable in without creating a massive scene. Admittedly, I still WANT to make a massive scene, but the […]


Hai. Today I choose to be black. I think that’s quite a sentence, given the current state of the world. When you’re born, you don’t get a form to fill in to decide your ethnicity, skin colour or gender. You don’t get to say you’ll grow up to romantically love the members of the opposite […]

Bad Bebe.

Hi! I’ve been in love with this shirt from Miss Chelsea since it was released, and these jeans by Gaia with the metal detailing on the sides are my new favourite! When you add to that the cute background from Bueno (I added the mesh peoples) and the tattoo from Dappa, I feel like i’m […]


Hi! I have a bunch of information, and some pretty pictures, so bear with me while i try and make some sense of it all! Moss&Mink released this absolutely stunning Marrakesh Pool at this month’s round of Kustom9. As always, I’m struggling to do this item justice, but let me just gush a second over […]


I might have squee’d when the idea for this picture popped into my head. Not entirely sure what it is that Pickle is doing, maybe she’s a cyborg alien from outer space, or maybe she’s just a clumsy robo-babe who’s fallen into a river. The latter seems more probable! Still, take a look at the […]


Ugh, I feel adorable. So I’m doing a thing with {Milk*Toast}. I’m slow af, can’t mesh my own shit and am buying other people’s to texture, but here – have some shirts, ok? Cool! The Nope, Idk, Wtf and MEH shirts come in a four colour pack (pink, red, white and black), for 249L, complete […]

Old wounds.

I decided to take a trip into my inventory and start cleaning it up again today. Two years ago it was pretty bad, but i’ve managed to keep mostly on top of it, but there are some times where months go by and i just leave things un-sorted, and this was one of those times. […]


MY LIVINGROOM IS PAINTED. Enjoy a picture cus ya girl (who says that without irony?) is tireeeed. xoxo.

Blue Angel.

Hey, hi, hello! This gorgeous tattoo from Dappa bought out my inner girly girl (she stays hidden a bunch, it seems), and paired with the pose from Sapa @ Anthem, and the beautiful Salt dress, also from Anthem, I’m living my best blue angel life. Credits as always are below. Make it a beautiful day, […]

Inner animal

I feel a little like I’m unleashing my inner animal in this bodysuit from Bueno today. It’s pretty hot. You should get it! Have a look at the Dappa tattoo i’m showing in all it’s glory too, again, you should totally buy it. Or not. I’m not your mother! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. […]