Mushi Fae.

Oh hai there sweet spoonies! Hope you’re having a fantastic Sunday! Check out this pretty bikini from Cynful, recently updated to Reborn and ready for you to pick up as part of the Saturday Sale! And what better way to show off these Mushroom add-ons from Kreep than to become a whole entire Mushroom Fae?! […]


Today is a very special day, because one of my favourite people in the world is celebrating the day of their birth. My BunBuns! I don’t think she’s expecting this post today, cos i sneakily told her that it wouldn’t be ready for a couple of days, but what can I say? I couldn’t resist! […]


Yanno, I don’t really understand where the theme for this picture came from, but it did indeed arrive and now we’re here together. The best news is that this cute ‘fit from Cynful has been updated for Ebody Reborn \o/. Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.


Hi, hello! There is literally so much awesome dropping for your shopping pleasure lately that i had to bring in a very special Bunny to showcase it all! Skip below to check out all the things, and check out Bunny’s flickr version >Here< for the things on her that i’m just too lazy to mention […]


Hai, hey, hola! Cynful’s sheer corset dress has me living my best peachy fantasies today. I paired it with this gorgeous hair from Exile that i stumbled across this weekend and knew I needed, and the This Is Wrong tattoo from the weekend sales. I can’t help but sit back and adore how i look […]


Heller! I feel like the classiest broad in hoe-town today! I’m just loving how this look turned out. It all started with Mila’s final skin of the Skin fair, Josefina. I think Josefina might be my favourite. She gives me Hollywood Glam, and maybe there’s a lil Megan Fox there too, just no vials of […]


Hi! Sometimes when I see things I get super excited and overwhelm myself. That happened today and I ended up taking two photo’s instead of my normal one. I kind of like to think of it as a whole rp experience in SL though – it wasn’t. But we’ll pretend, yeah? In the first picture […]

Side Bae.

It’s the day after Valentines and I’m spending it with my Side-Bae, the cutest Jack Russell from Rezz Room at Equal10! I just hope he doesn’t get to my snacks before me! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it xoxo.    


Hoi! I am doing colourful things today, with this stunning leather lingerie set and updated cynful cardigan. They might be older items but they’re still goodies! If you already have the cynful cardigan you can go to the mainstore and get a redelivery with the included updated reborn sizing in it. Yay! Make it a […]

Good Morning.

I really like pancakes for breakfast, and Cat-Noodle has bought this to life with the absolutely delicious looking Puffy Fluffy Pancakes available at Shiny Shabby this round. When you pair the pancakes with the beautiful robe from Cynful (FLF, GRAB IT FAST!) and this stunning new Kitchen Set from Moss&Mink i’m sure you’ll agree all […]