Oh hai sweet Spoonies, have some pretties from Glitzz and Addicted to Ink! Make it a beautiful day, you’re worth it. xoxo.

Bikini day.

So, i mighta picked up a new sponsor and i’m a lil bit emotional about it, because since I entered SL and started understanding quality products, I had admired Garden of Ku Tattoos. I’m not sure how long they left the grid for, but as soon as they were back I made it my mission […]

Daisies & Butterflies.

Hi! I’m cute, and you can’t tell me otherwise. 10/10 enjoy this whole look, and would recommend! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it. xoxo.


Heller! I feel like the classiest broad in hoe-town today! I’m just loving how this look turned out. It all started with Mila’s final skin of the Skin fair, Josefina. I think Josefina might be my favourite. She gives me Hollywood Glam, and maybe there’s a lil Megan Fox there too, just no vials of […]

Make it back.

Hai! It’s been a lazy day for me and I’ve loved every minute. SL Pickle, however, has clearly been less lazy and seems to have gotten lost! I love this Train Station backdrop by Palette at Equal10, as it’s totally reminding me that I’m making plans to visit a very special lady from my SL […]

My Bunny Valentine…

It’s a play on words okay! Bunny has become a very important friend to me, and it only made sense to spend the day with her in my kitchen, nomming on some beautiful noms from Cat-Noodle, and having a good ol’ fashioned natter. You can find her things >Here!< Let’s talk about some Cat-Noodle things, […]


I used to write in here quite often. I would use it as a place to take a moment and breathe. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t write here as much anymore, and I think that I wrote my soul out. Not that it’s a bad thing. Just sometimes writing it all down and getting […]

Wandering in Fall.

I managed to steal the beautiful Bunny for another collab with the stunning outfits available at Equal10 from Cynful. They’re just so cosy, warm and autumnal, i’m in love! You can find Bunny’s version of our photo, along with all her credits >Here<. The cardigan and the bodysuit both have options for how fluffy you […]


Hallo sweet Spoonies! Check out these cutesy poses from Babyboo available at this current round of Dubai! They come with mirrored versions and also light breathing versions too! Make it a beautiful day, you’re worth it! xoxo.


Helloes sweet Spoonies! I got a bit of a long one today, are you ready for ALL the things? I’m gonna assume you said yes and then move on super fast okay? Ok! Mila has popped out the beautiful Dana skin, available right now at Dubai. She’s in all eight Mila shades, and comes with […]