Hello, tired me here again, so have some credits & grab the new outfit from Miss Chelsea! xoxo

Just right.

There are some designers that I blog for that I will put an item on, and feel instantly like “yep, this is me.” Evani is one of those designers. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like all of the designs are completely out of the box – but that’s actually one of the things I […]

Warming up to fall.

Hello! Have some pretty things. There’s a bunch of Moss&Mink goodies in today’s post, starting with the lamp… I’m not the best at keeping up with everything. A lot of the time I can’t keep up with myself in the most basic of ways, and somehow I missed when this was released and how I […]


Hello, I feel cute. Credits below! xoxo


Hi, i’m a cute demon. Check out my credits! xoxo


Hello! Still tired. Maybe I’ll write something tomorrow. Maybe I won’t! Either way, things are fabulous! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. xoxo


Hello! I feel super cute but my brain is made of jelly – have some credits! xoxo


Well hello there, sweet Spoonies! I managed to snag another sponsor recently, and again I’m a little shocked that I was permitted to be a part of their bloggers… which is a lovely feeling! I’ve gotten Scandalize. They’re a mostly female clothing brand, and I’m sure a lot of you would recognize them at some […]


I went to the hospital today for a blood test. It was scary. Not the blood test itself – that was okay, except i’m sure the nurse said something about my blood vibrating (is that even a thing?) but she was wearing a mask and had a thick accent, so maybe I misheard her. I’m […]

Bad Bebe.

Hi! I’ve been in love with this shirt from Miss Chelsea since it was released, and these jeans by Gaia with the metal detailing on the sides are my new favourite! When you add to that the cute background from Bueno (I added the mesh peoples) and the tattoo from Dappa, I feel like i’m […]