Utterly evil.

Hai! Did you know Enchantment JUST opened? No? You need to head over right now! The theme for this round is Sleeping Beauty. Needless to say I had to start with an utterly EVIL Maleficent! You can find more information, photo of the day and much much more @ EnchantmentSL Make it a beautiful day, […]


I might be getting to grips with these headshot things a little more than I ever have before! Anthem has flung open it’s doors and brings with it a ton of beautiful new shiny things for your wallets to groan at! Want some credits? Check below! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. xoxo


I woke up late today which always throws me off. I had plans for more painting, but obviously that didn’t come to fruition, because by the time I felt decent enough to do anything except feel sorry for myself, it was 7pm. The good news is that now I don’t feel as sorry for myself. […]

Snow magic.

Hey Spoonies! We’re going back to some Enchantment Goodies today! A little reminder that the Enchantment Event will run until Dec 2nd, and there’s also a hunt (i hope I remember to do it!!), with many of the stores involved! In this picture you can see the gorgeous .Tardfish. Snow Magic animesh snowflakes, but what […]

All consuming.

I know I didn’t need another head, okay. I know. But I did need another head, so I got one. Come for me, I dare ya. There’s been a lot going on in my RL lately, and while I’m exhausted, I’m also pretty content and actually feeling really damn good about everything. I looked back […]


Hi! Did I mention Anthem is open? It totally is! Run over and pick up some of the awesome goodies on offer… and when you’re done there take a trip to Essences and grab this gorgeous catwa skin! Want some tones? Okay! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it!


I read a facebook post recently that went something along the lines of… “If your man tells you his ex is psycho, believe him.” I have so many problems with this, and it mostly stems from the fact I’ve been called psycho or crazy a bunch. The truth of the matter is yes, I am […]


I’ve never understood why 13 is unlucky, nor Friday the 13th. Instead of reading a ton of google about it today because I’m lazy, I’m going to tell you I slept all day, squeezed tuna brine on my tshirt while making dinner and then cracked my only baking dish because I left it on the […]

Company B.

I dunno who needs to hear this today, but if someone starts off by lying to you it’s very unlikely they’re gonna do anything but. Of course there are exceptions, but be effing careful, k? In the mean-time, Narcisse has put out this outfit heavily discounted at the flourish sales event which opens Sept 10th […]


I stole Durex again for today’s post, which was fun, because I don’t actually have a clue what is in his inventory, so trying to dress him like a human at a party was interesting! I know summer is winding down for a lot of us, but now is the time that I really enjoy […]