Baking up a storm.

Hola! Are you hungry, my sweet Spoonies? It’s been a minute since some noms were featured here, but now is the time! Cat-Noodle have been baking up a storm and have recently released both the Powdery Korean-Style Mochi (Left) and the Freshly Baked Whoopie Pies (Right). The Mochi can be found at the current round […]

Sushi Time.

It’s sushi time! The lil’ tough guy sushi’s from Cat-Noodle are so stinking adorable! Once again, the Cat-Noodle team has come through with something that should be fairly simple, but made it entirely out of the box awesome. The Lil’ tough guys come in three versions, Pickle is holding the Calamari version, but there’s also […]


Hallo, how hungry are you? These nommy looking burgers from Cat-Noodle are currently available at the fifty, and come in two versions; Savory Salmon and Savory Shrimp, sold separately or in a delicious “Chonky Pack”. Pickle quite fancied the salmon version, so the shrimp option is shown on the board beside her. As always, Cat-Noodle […]


Hay! Cat-Noodle is bringing a little sunshine to our lives with this nommy Sweetheart Watermelon set! It’s available as part of the Farmers Market event. Taken from the notecard released by Panache Events ; “Taking inspiration from real life farmers markets and street fairs, Farmers Market is a place where artisans excel and showcase their […]

Bubble pop!

I gots a really big postie today so please go grab a cuppa and a snack, and come sit down comfortably while I explain and show all the things, k? <3 Let’s start with the gorgeous skin from Mila ; “Samara” is available at N21 now. She comes in the 8 tones shown above and […]

My Bunny Valentine…

It’s a play on words okay! Bunny has become a very important friend to me, and it only made sense to spend the day with her in my kitchen, nomming on some beautiful noms from Cat-Noodle, and having a good ol’ fashioned natter. You can find her things >Here!< Let’s talk about some Cat-Noodle things, […]


I gots a bunch of information for you today, so expect a few pics in here! Nuve has released a new skin “Laura” (what a fabulous name, couldn’t have thought of a better one *cough*) at this round of Anthem. She comes in a bunch of tones and optional extras of eyebrows and lip tints […]

Good Morning.

I really like pancakes for breakfast, and Cat-Noodle has bought this to life with the absolutely delicious looking Puffy Fluffy Pancakes available at Shiny Shabby this round. When you pair the pancakes with the beautiful robe from Cynful (FLF, GRAB IT FAST!) and this stunning new Kitchen Set from Moss&Mink i’m sure you’ll agree all […]

Strawberry Shortcake.

Heller sweet Spoonies! I got a fairly long one for you today, so grab a cuppa and snuggle under your blankie, we’re getting cosy and filling our noggins with some fabulous info. Here’s another Catwa HD Pro skin by Mila, she’s called Stina and comes in 7 shades, shown above using the ‘light’ brow option. […]

Throw back.

I’ve been hungry all day and these cinnamon rolls look SO good, can you just get in my mouth already? The [Cat-Noodle] Sweet Cinnamon Roll Basket Set is currently at N21 until January 12th and includes a single bun and latte to hold (separately) with animations for both M and F presenting avatars. They have […]