Be proud.

Heller, sweet Spoonies! Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room, I am a straight, white, cis female, who will never understand the struggles of being anything but that. I however believe that everyone deserves exactly the same rights to live and love as me, and for that reason I will be standing with my […]

Handle me.

Let’s give this a try for the sake of Mental Health Monday. I’m not sure how this is all going to come out, it might be one gibbering wreck of absolute booty, but it might make enough sense for me to put some perspective back into my life and figure out not only accountability, but […]


I took this shot at Luane’s world! Go visit, there’s horses to rez and ride around the sims and it’s a wonderful adventure. Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re worth it.

Luka 2.5.

Heylo! I’ve had this little photo gem in my backup folder for quite some time, just before Lelutka dropped their new heads! This is Luka, and he’s been updated to the 2.5 boundless version too. 10/10 would recommend. You can find this shape at my marketplace store – link in credits! Make it a beautiful […]

Just nope.

Heller. Here’s things we’re not entertaining in 2021, and by we, I mean the royal we, as in me. ME. I am not entertaining this. Crawlers. You up and left my life, or I kicked you out of my life for a fucking reason. Don’t come back when you see me happy. Don’t come back […]


Hi, I’m cute. “Real eyes realize real lies.” I had that in my profile for a while. I can sniff out a liar at 40 paces, but I’ll still want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Silly me. Credits below! xoxo.


This totally reminds me of a fishing outfit – but in that classy fisherman way. I’m sure that’s not an official fashion look, but I’m into it. I might have told this story once a long time ago, but i’m going to tell it again because memories, okay? Okay. When I was about 14, my […]


I’m living my biggest K-Pop Man fantasies right now with the gorgeous Lelutka Kane head. I’m not sure when he went from being reminiscent of Eugene from the Try Guys to more of a babyfaced Boy-Band member, but i’m super okay with how he looks. Once again, I found the shape beautiful to edit. I […]

Show off.

Ohai. I borrowed Paloma for this one, she’s just had a slight upgrade so she needed to show off her new look. As you’re probably well aware, this month is Pride. Once again, it’s not something I can identify with, but I will support everyone having the same rights as CIS, straight people forever and […]

Trick or treat!

When I was younger I absolutely adored trick or treating, and I loved playing dress up too. I guess SL has become that for me now, and I do it all year round! Make it a beautiful day, Spoonies. You’re so worthy. xoxo